Who Likes Chip Kelly? Nobody”: Deion Sanders’ Prime Effect Reiterated As Colorado Gears Up for Tough UCLA Clash

“Who Likes Chip Kelly? Nobody”: Deion Sanders’ Prime Effect Reiterated As Colorado Gears Up for Tough UCLA Clash

The most popular college football coach, Deion Sanders, is mostly the reason why people are so intrigued to watch college football these days. He used to be an exceptional player in the NFL during his time, and now he is an outstanding coach. Everyone likes him, and because they want him, they support what he is doing. Not to mention, they support the Colorado Buffaloes.

Sanders has had a significant impact on the Buffaloes ever since he joined. Coach Prime is the reason behind the notable development of the team. They have performed well till now and must face UCLA Bruins in the upcoming matchup. The analysts are already discussing whom they support, and the UCLA Head Coach might not like it.

Analysts rooting for Deion Sanders

On October 28, 2023, UNDISPUTED ON FS1 posted the Speak For Yourself Live discussion on YouTube. It was where Emmanuel Acho and other analysts came together to discuss the Colorado Buffaloes vs. UCLA Bruins upcoming match. An analyst mentioned how much he supports Deion Sanders more than anyone else. He stated, “Many people started watching college football again because of Prime Time, because of Deion Sanders.”

The thing he has done with Colorado, we need to get that back… get that train rolling again. Football is better when Prime Time is involved, right? Who likes Chip Kelly? Nobody! So we got to get them boys back on the main screen. Get them back right, right? Deion, we pulling for you.

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The game against UCLA Bruins will not be straightforward, though. UCLA Bruins has a solid defense, whereas the Buffaloes have been struggling with it. And the analysts agree.

Views on Buffaloes vs. UCLA

Analyst James Jones put forward his views on the Buffaloes vs. UCLA match during the discussion. He stated that a win over UCLA would be a big one for Shedeur SandersShilo Sanders, and even Travis Hunter. They have not beaten a very good team since Week 1. They lost to the Oregon Ducks and USC Trojans, and now they will play against UCLA Bruins.

It is not going to be easy at all. Coach Prime can go ahead and motivate these players, but at the end of the day, it is going to be them to get on the field and beat UCLA Bruins. How do you think the Colorado Buffaloes will perform in the upcoming match?

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