The Baltimore Orioles refused to interview a manager they wanted in a rival division.

The Baltimore Orioles refused to interview a manager they wanted in a rival division.

When a Boston Red Sox management position became vacant, one of the Baltimore Orioles’ most popular managers was on the interview list. They denied the other the opportunity to speak with him.
Looking at the recent trades between the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox, the Orioles are considered a team that is being watched by other teams in the division.

Baltimore has done a great job rebuilding their organization and with their young talent I expect them to be a consistent contender for years to come.
The Red Sox, on the other hand, need drastic changes.

Since winning the 2018 World Series, they have finished last in the AL East three times.
Boston left the Chicago Cubs and hired a new president of baseball operations, Craig Breslow.

Before the hire was made official, the Red Sox interviewed several candidates.
They zeroed in on Orioles assistant general manager Sig Mejdal and refused to talk to him.

According to Sean McAdam of, “The Sox wanted to talk to Orioles GM Sig Mejdal, but the O’s” “draged their feet in the process and never gave the Sox permission to talk to Mejdal”.

From Baltimore’s perspective, it’s understandable.
Mejdal was one of GM Mike Elias’ first hires in 2018 and played a key role in that rebuild.

Known for his analytical approach, he was one of the key figures who led baseball into a numbers-centric era.
Typically, organizations allow managers to interview other teams if the candidate is open.

It’s unclear why the Orioles haven’t allowed Mejdal to talk, other than he has value to their franchise and they don’t want to join a division rival.
Either way, Boston now has their talent, and Baltimore could secure one of its most beloved managers who could turn the Orioles into their best team in years.

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While in college, he worked at a student radio station, recording programs for various sports such as Penn State football, basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports.


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