SB Nation Reacts Results: Feeling good after a big win

SB Nation Reactions Results:
Feeling good after big win
This is how it should be
The results are in our latest SB Nation Reacts poll featuring the Minnesota Vikings (-1)
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To Beat GB:
Win by 1:
and it’s great to see after some results which we reach at the start of this 2023 NFL season..
We only have one question this week.. .. .we will try to do better next week.. .. .and it depends on your confidence in the direction of the team.. Clearly, all it would take is an unexpected win against one of the best teams in the league to make Vikings fans feel satisfied..
Of our survey respondents, 81% said they are now confident the team is on the right track.. That’s a 50-point increase from the number we saw last week and by far the highest number we’ve seen in this poll all season..
I think we all know that when the Vikings aren’t actively sabotaging themselves, they’re a very good football team.. They didn’t do that against San Francisco this past week (with the exception of the now-standard turnover on the first drive of the game) and they pulled off a big upset to salvage their season.. Now they have to keep that momentum going forward..
Thank you to everyone who responded to our poll this week, and again, we’ll try to get at least one team-centric question in here next week for everyone to weigh in on as well..

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