Max Verstappen explains his relationship with the Red Bull engineer after a heated radio interview.

Max Verstappen explains his relationship with the Red Bull engineer after a heated radio interview.


Max Verstappen was heard speaking angrily to Red Bull race engineer Gianpiero Lambiaz about his bid to win the United States Grand Prix on Sunday.

Things are going well between Max Verstappen and Gianpiero Lambiaz.

Max Verstappen has denied claims he has split with Gianpiero Lambiaz after he made derogatory comments about a Red Bull race engineer during the United States Grand Prix.

An angry Verstappen was heard telling Lambiaz to stop as he braked several times on the final lap of his recent victory.
‘Please! “Don’t talk in the braking zone.” A Dutch driver was heard talking to Lambias on the radio.
“Don’t talk to the brakeman, dammit,” he added.
Before qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix, Verstappen, who won his third consecutive world title after an excellent season, dismissed any suggestion of a feud with Lambiaz.
“We always get along well,” the Red Bull star confirmed in a speech in Mexico City.
“Of course, in the heat, I told him I didn’t really like his speech about the brakes. The race was over and he had time to relax on the home warm-up lap.
And he said, “See you on Friday.” .’ And people said, “Oh, that’s really stupid.” Anything. We always get along well.”

Italian Lambiaz has been the Dutch engineer since Verstappen joined Red Bull in 2016 and the pair have taken a combined 50 Grand Prix victories, with Verstappen also winning three world championships. His braking problems meant that last Sunday’s race in Austin was regarded as one of the most difficult victories in history, with him finishing late behind Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton.
Verstappen also struggled with being “too safe” in the early stages, explaining: “You have to take into account the Austin format, the bump and the sprint and set the car up after a practice session and it’s a bit wrong.

“For us, we think we were too conservative and too safe, and Mercedes was too aggressive.
So of course it was removed. We know you can gain performance by dropping the car, but with all the big bumps here, you have to be a little careful.
Max Verstappen criticized Gianpiero Lambiaz on Red Bull Radio during the United States Grand Prix.

“Looking back at the weekend, it’s hard to say for sure because we weren’t the strongest for that reason.
Of course, the teams behind us have caught up since the start of the year, but by how much?
And it looks a little bit different every weekend, sometimes it’s closer, sometimes it’s further away.”


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