Lewis Hamilton calls for changes

Lewis Hamilton calls for changes
Lewis Hamilton finished the opening day of the Mexican GP in 7th place and three-tenths behind the leaders..
Lewis Hamilton has called on Mercedes to “figure out” how to get maximum performance from the W14 “more easily”, after a difficult start to the Mexican Grand Prix..
While Hamilton was eliminated from last weekend’s United States Grand Prix, he admitted that the improvements made by the Silver Arrows installed at Circuit of the Americas were the first improvements he had felt since introduced new aerodynamic regulations..
The seven-time world champion finally has the confidence to attack the corners, giving him hope that the Brackley-based side can be in contention for victory at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez this weekend..
Unfortunately, it looked like Mercedes were back to business as Hamilton finished Free Practice 1 in P11 and Free Practice 2 in seventh..
He ended the day just over three-tenths behind pacesetter Max Verstappen..
Hamilton admitted afterwards that it wasn’t a good day, as the W14 was “a bit of a struggle”..
“Not that great.. Dodgy, not dodgy, but not the greatest.. A bit of a struggle in the car today,” Hamilton said after FP2, as reported by the official F1 website..
He went onto admit that the car is feeling completely different to just a week ago in Austin, making it a challenge to compete with the frontrunners..
Mercedes will work hard to try and “find something”, especially as Hamilton does think the car has “performance” this weekend, if they can extract it..
“I mean the car is night and day different compared to last week.. And yeah, I don’t know what to say, you just never know what you’re going to get with this one,” added Hamilton..
“Some days she’s great and some days she’s not.. I think it’s hard to pull out the trick, I think there’s definitely an effect there.. It’s hard to get out and it’s been pretty stressful this weekend with airline passes or whatever..
“So we’re doing it overnight, but it’s certainly not a fun day compared to FP1 in Austin.. We’re a little late but I’m hoping that overnight we can find something and tomorrow the car will be easier to drive..
Achieving performance was a real struggle for the Germans, who were often unable to maximize the W14’s potential..
Hamilton realized this and asked Mercedes to make it easier to exploit the car’s full potential..
As for this weekend though, he’s unsure what needs to be changed to find the three-tenths he’s losing to Verstappen..
“I’m not sure,” he admitted.. “Again, we never know what to expect with this car, maybe we make the changes, and we’ll pick that pace up..
“I think there was definitely some performance in there to be closer, maybe in the top three.. But we’ve got to figure out how to make it easier for us to extract that performance, so that’s what we’ll be working on tonight..”

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