Deion Sanders’ fiancé Tracey Edmonds gives a sweet shoutout to Coach Prime on the announcement of his new book

Deion Sanders’ partner, Tracey Edmonds, is sure one of the football legend’s biggest fans. Since the couple started their love affair, she has always cheered him on his wins and stayed close in his times of need. For instance, she was by his bedside as he recovered from his surgery in June.


Edmonds just got another reason to celebrate Sanders as the Colorado Buffaloes head coach announced the publication date of his new book. Showing how happy she was about Sanders’ new milestone, she posted a picture of the book on her Instagram story along with a touching celebratory caption.



What is Deion Sanders’ book about?

Deion Sanders’ new book is titled “Elevate and Dominate: 21 Ways to Win On and Off the Field.” The book is set to come out on Mar. 12, 2024, but is already available for preorder. The book will be released on Gallery Books imprint 13a.



The book will draw on Sanders’ personal experience to offer important lessons on life and work. In a statement about the book, he said,


“Success isn’t just about what you achieve between the lines on game day or stacking up money that you may never get to fully enjoy. It’s about winning in all aspects of life,” he said. “From the mindset you cultivate, the discipline you uphold, and your faith in God – champions aren’t born; they’re made, day by day, choice by choice and decision by decision. You’ve got to be consistent and believe every darn step of the way.”


If anyone should know about success, it is Deion Sanders. He has had a successful career as a double-sport athlete. And he wasn’t just averagely successful. He managed to get to the very apex of professional football and baseball playing careers. After his playing career, Sanders has ventured into other fields like broadcasting and reality TV and experienced success.


Today, Sanders is known as one of the most influential coaches in college football. He went from being a part-time high school coach to winning two straight SWAC titles for the Jackson State Tigers. Subsequently, he accepted the head coaching role many football coaches would have dreaded: to be the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes.


Halfway through his first season, Sanders has shown the stuff he’s made of and the Buffaloes are the most talked-about team in college football. The nitty-gritty of how he has consistently courted success is what Sanders offers in “Elevate and Dominate.”

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