Deion Sanders explains how Colorado has met expectations so far.

Deion Sanders explains how Colorado has met expectations so far.


Most of the country didn’t expect much from Colorado freshman Deion Sanders.

The Buffaloes won 3.5 games in the preseason.
This figure exceeds the figure seen in early October.
But while Colorado has exceeded the preseason expectations of most around the country, Coach Prime projects his team to be better than 4-3 at this point in the season.

“I have high expectations. So I have a good idea of ​​how the season is going against my expectations.
“Dion Sanders said at a news conference this week, ‘It depends on your expectations.
I can’t mix because my expectations and yours don’t match.

Colorado has lost just once this year.
It was a game against Oregon on September 23rd.
The other two losses were 48-41 at USC and 46-43 at Stanford.
Remarkably, a loss to the Cardinals was avoided, but the Buffaloes blew a 29-0 halftime lead before falling in double overtime.
Colorado returns to action Saturday against UCLA, and Sanders hopes his team can finish the season on a high note.

“I know what [my expectations] are,” Sanders said.
“I think we need to reach record levels and I know what we can achieve and I want to put it all together in one game and give it to you and present it to you.

Deion Sanders presents a solid waiting list for Colorado players.

Deion Sanders didn’t just talk about the Buffaloes’ expectations earlier this week.
He shared his expectations for each player.

“We have to be disciplined at every stage of the game.
We have to be physical. Sanders said on the Colorado Football Coaches Show, “We will not tolerate any pre- or post-penalty, nor will we offer alternative penalties.
We are constantly winning our individual battles.
We exceed expectations individually and collectively.
We practice with game-like focus and intensity.
“I will be a team player and do my best for the team all week.
I am researching and preparing because this game could change my life and my family’s life. I can take coaching, I take it to the end and I do it with passion.
My attitude and dedication make the people I respect proud.
I will be ready to seize the opportunity, and the opportunity will come.
Thanks to my contributions throughout the week, we will win this game. When I make eye contact with my coach after practice or after a game, he says, “Did you do a good job?” These are some of the notes I shared with the team and I really hope they implement them.
Think about this.
Some kind of thing.”


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