Bring us the ‘W’ Back Baby”: LeSean McCoy Shows Faith in the Buffaloes With Hilarious Deion Sanders Impression

“Bring us the ‘W’ Back Baby”: LeSean McCoy Shows Faith in the Buffaloes With Hilarious Deion Sanders Impression

Deion Sanders’ Buffaloes are grappling with a dip in confidence following a heart-wrenching loss to Standford. Yet, former NFL running back LeSean McCoy believes in their potential for a triumphant comeback. He openly shared his thoughts on the Colorado Buffaloes as they prepare for a crucial Pac-12 matchup against UCLA in Week 9, following a well-deserved bye week.

LeSean McCoy in a recent segment on SPEAK, engaged in a light-hearted imitation of Deion Sanders and the Shedeur Sanders celebration while maintaining his confidence in the team from Boulder. Ahead of Colorado’s matchup with Oregon, McCoy made a bold prediction that the Buffs could potentially pull off an upset. He even raised the intriguing possibility that if Deion Sanders succeeds, he might ascend to the thrones as the new king among college football head coaches.

LeSean McCoy Feels Deion Sanders’ Buffs are Poised for a Resounding Comeback

LeSean McCoy expressed unwavering faith in the Colorado Buffaloes, and also showcased his admiration for Deion Sanders on SPEAK. He acknowledged that Deion’s impact on college football has reignited the interest of many fans. McCoy firmly believes that as the Buffs regain their momentum, football enthusiasts will once again experience the magic of PrimeTime.

“So many people have started watching college football again because of PrimeTime, because of Deion Sanders, what he has done with Colorado. When they get that back on, when they get that train rolling. I mean think about it, football is better with PrimeTime on.” LeSean adds, “Bring us the W (win) Back Baby.!”

McCoy’s heartfelt plea for victory was punctuated by the Shedeur Sanders celebratory gesture. Despite the Bruins being clear favorites, hosting Coach Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes creates a perfect alignment of stars for an already bustling homecoming weekend. The game is officially sold out at the Rose Bowl. The increased viewership potential in the notable time slot could be a marketing opportunity of a lifetime for the UCLA Bruins.

Deion Sanders Delivers Passionate Speech on Accountability Ahead of UCLA Showdown

Deion Sanders is determined to address his team’s recent struggles, with a 1-3 record in their last 4 games. They allowed a 29-0 halftime lead to slip away against Stanford, which created a question in every fan’s mind, “Are Colorado Buffs overhyped?”

Following a well-timed bye week, Sanders has rallied his players with a clear message: ACCOUNTABILITY. He’s encouraging them to step up as leaders, even in the face of adversity, fostering a sense of resilience. Deion said in a Well Off Media video

“We started this journey out on belief, and I wanna know, do you still believe? I can recall… seeing how you wanted it the first time we walked out this season. I want to make certain that the same men are in this room. The same coaching staff is in this room.”

Coach Prime’s team has already surpassed the expectations set at the beginning of the season. Despite that, he feels that they could have achieved a 5-2 record and a place in the Top 25. The disappointing second half against Stanford was a turning point, and Sanders is determined to prevent further setbacks.

While their conference championship hopes may have diminished with a 1-3 PAC 12 record, the team still aims to finish the season on a high note and build for the future.

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