All will be lost’: CU legend not buying Colorado’s Deion Sanders hype after three losses

‘All will be lost’: CU legend not buying Colorado’s Deion Sanders hype after three losses


September 16, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders before the game against the Colorado State Rams at Folsom Field.
Mandatory credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Since acquiring Deion Sanders from Colorado, the team has shown significant improvement, quadrupling their gains from last year.
The Prime effect is on full display as cities generate more revenue through sold-out stadiums and increased tourism and ticket sales.
But not everyone, including the university’s legendary alumni, buys into the hype.
KO’s performance this season is nothing short of a roller coaster of 7 games and 3 losses.
After that humiliating loss, the rumors seemed to die down, and the CU Hall of Famer called on broadcaster Chad Brown to debunk the hype.
Deion Sanders, a fellow at Korea University, denies wrongdoing

The Colorado Buffaloes loss to the Stanford Cardinal was the talk of the town.
CU, which was already struggling, lost in 2OT without being able to take a lead of as many as 29 points in the first half due to a defensive collapse. Even Bowl eligibility was an issue, and CU Hall of Famer Chad Brown echoed similar thoughts.

In a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports, the former linebacker said the team’s first game was enjoyable, but they need a few wins to keep the momentum going.
He went on to elaborate on how this will all change, adding:


“The focus on the schedule, the focus on Colorado, I think if the Buffaloes deserve a bowl, it all goes away,” he added.
“In our society, we like to encourage people and we are nice.
Remove them.
So like I said, for the Buffaloes and Coach Prime, you have to win at least six games and qualify for the Bowl.
able to advance.

Specifically, the Buffaloes must win at least two of their last five games while maintaining a winning percentage of at least .500 to make a bowl game.
But the buzz around the team has largely died down in recent weeks after the game against Stanford.

Colorado State suffered a tough loss to the Stanford Cardinal Steeples.

CU’s defense and offense allowed 330 yards and just 115 yards in the first half.
This gave the team 29 points, but they still went down.
Stanford won 46-43 after double overtime.
The disappointing loss sparked backlash from CU, and their star QB, Sheder Sanders, was also criticized for promoting merchandise at halftime.
The team also received a severe unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for refusing to shake hands with the opposing team after the game.
The week is now over and UCLA is scheduled to face the Bruins at home in another sold-out stadium.
But expectations remain clear.
There has been a significant decline since the last loss.
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