NFL trade deadline: Deshaun Watson’s injury factors into Browns’ decision

NFL trade deadline: Deshaun Watson’s injury factors into Browns’ decision


So far, the latest rumors are slow, but it doesn’t look like the Browns’ roster will change much.

The answer to most questions about Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson is “we don’t know.”

How serious are his injuries?

When can he come back?
Could it be the guy from Houston?

Are you good at deals and contracts?
We do not know.

Based on Watson’s comments this week, it appears he and the team are unsure of the timing of the injury. With the NFL trade deadline approaching (Tuesday, Oct.
31), GM Andrew Berry could face some tough decisions.

So far, very little has been said about the NFL, not just the Browns, but the league as a whole.
A trade involving a running back is expected to be made, but we likely won’t hear anything concrete until Sunday night and Monday.

As for Berry, Watson’s injury has left the NFL trade deadline uncertain.
If Watson stays healthy and plays mediocre football, adding a quarterback, wide receiver and/or offensive lineman at the right price would make a lot of sense. With no timetable for Watson’s return and his poor performance all year (except Week 3), either move likely won’t make sense for the team.
Is it worth buying one of the team’s few first-four-round picks to boost its potential from “fake playoff” to “make playoff”?

The team’s defensive play allows Cleveland to compete in every game they play.
With the team’s offense in playoff position, the ceiling for this Browns group is also clear.

Given next year’s team’s limited capital (which we won’t see again starting in 2025) and limited cap space (which will likely be true for some time), this seems like a trade that would have very little impact on the team’s chances.
of victory and the team’s chances in the playoffs.
Chance to win.
The command is not effective.
That’s not to say Berry shouldn’t trade draft picks to add fringe talent, but any significant trade could be affected by what Watson does Monday and early next week.


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