Lewis Hamilton suspicions backed up as new footage shows rules being broken

Lewis Hamilton’s suspicions are confirmed as new footage shows a rule violation..
Lewis Hamilton’s suspicions may have been proven soon after the Briton claimed that a number of rule violations by other drivers went unpunished at last weekend’s United States Grand Prix .. Hamilton was only able to celebrate his podium finish at Circuit of the Americas for a few hours, and Mercedes was later fined for driving too close to the ground..
Hamilton was stripped of second place and lost 18 valuable points, while Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was also disqualified for the same error.. It later emerged that only four cars were inspected by the FIA ​​after the race, suggesting other uncontrolled drivers may also have broken the rules..
There were also multiple track limit violations at the United States Grand Prix, but it appears that many of them went undetected due to another FIA error.. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the CCTV camera placed at the sixth turn corner was not aimed correctly, preventing stewards from taking action in the event of a violation at that corner..
New footage has emerged showing Sergio Perez repeatedly driving to the right of the white line at turn six, something he did “several times” with varying degrees of severity.. Alex Albon, meanwhile, was investigated and cleared of “certain indications of possible criminal conduct” due to CCTV footage not being provided to stewards..
An FIA statement read:
“During post-race analysis it was noted that a number of drivers may have exceeded track limits on the inside of turn six..

” According to the Management’s decision (Document 59) regarding alleged violations of the rules within the corner, which stated that “the available evidence is insufficient to reliably infer violations accurate and consistent”, the FIA ​​will update its surveillance infrastructure to ensure better coverage to be able to reliably identify possible violations detected during future racing program.. Four of them..
“They only tested a few cars and 50% of them were disqualified,” said the Mercedes driver.. “There are a lot of drivers’ cars that are considered illegal [but have not been inspected].. Skidding is not a performance category.. Of course, if you have a flat surface, people will push their cars..” to keep it as low as possible..” ..”
“Mostly some cars handle bumps better than others and you know, we’ve had a very stiff and bumpy car over the last few years.. Ultimately, the regulations were not followed and this had to change.. »

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