Jones has secret message for Packers fans ahead of Vikings game

Jones has a message for Packers fans before the Vikings game
GREEN BAY, Wis.. – The Green Bay Packers are hoping to turn things around after three straight losses by turning their attention to the Minnesota Vikings..
FOX6’s Lily Zhao continues running back Aaron Jones, who has a message for Blue and Gold fans
FOX6’s Lily Zhao:
“Aaron, I wanted to ask you, what was the plane ride back from How is Denver?? Have you had time to digest the loss to the Broncos and specifically for you, how important is this team at any given moment?? right now to stay together and not fall apart?? »
“That’s the most important message I got in the locker room, to be there for each other when things don’t go the way we want them to,” says Aaron Jones.. “We learned how to win every year as a new team and we competed in every game.. If you look at last year, Minnesota had nine wins by one point and we played in those matches, and our early participation in these matches will be better for us in the end.. We have four losses and everyone has pressed the panic button.. There is no need to press the button panic.. Everything is fine here before our eyes.. We still have the NFC North ahead of us.. Everything we want is still there so we just need to bring everyone together and maintain our main goal.. ”
FOX6’s Lily Zhao:
” As for the Vikings, the two teams have split the series for the past three years.. How will this game be different knowing this is a Vikings defense that likes to blitz??”
“Just pay attention to your p’s and q’s,” Jones said.. “They’re going to bring it from everywhere.. It’s so strange.. They dropped people off, brought people in.. We call it simulated pressure, where they can take four guys from different places honestly, so you just have to communicate well throughout the week.. ”
FOX6’s Lily Zhao:
“The margin of victory in Green Bay is very high.. You started 2-4.. I know fans are getting restless.. Do you have a message for them??”
“Stay with us,” Jones said.. “We need you, our true supporters, to get through the ups and downs.. We are in difficult times, but we are on the road to recovery and all it takes is one person to join us..” each other stand up and throw the ball, and like I said, there’s everything ahead..” ours..”

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