Eagles Trade Rumors: Howie Rose Is Leaning To Trade For $33,300,000 Colts CB.

Eagles Trade Rumors: Howie Rose Is Leaning To Trade For $33,300,000 Colts CB.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is as consummate a businessman as any manager in the league.
He made it to the Super Bowl with two different coaches and players.
Now trade trigger AJ Brown can focus on another big name on the defensive side of the ball.

According to Chris Long and ML Football, Roseman “really likes” Colts quarterback Kenny Moore II.
The Eagles general manager spent a lot of time on the phone trying to find trade options around the league.

It’s also unclear if the team is ready to part ways with the 28-year-old defender. Moore signed a four-year, $33.3 million contract in June 2019.

Will the Indianapolis Colts shop Howie Roseman and others?
At this point, it’s clear that Howie Roseman is a 6-1 buy and leads the NFL in wins behind the Kansas City Chiefs.
But would the Indianapolis Colts be willing to trade a top corner or something else?
If they trade a big piece for Roseman or another general manager, it would be an acknowledgment that the team’s season is over. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention to the franchise this season can already guess.
Quarterback Anthony Richardson will miss the rest of the year with an injury.
First, he suffered a concussion in Week 2.
He then tore his ACL on Oct.
8 and required season-ending surgery.

The damage to a franchise going all-in for the fourth time is enormous. His rookie season was an example of what the NFL is all about, meaning he could still play as a rookie in his second season in 2024.

So a lot of people have pulled out of the team this year and some have pulled out of the team next year as well.
If the Colts adjust their expectations this way, Kenny Moore will be 30 by the time Anthony Richardson is ready for a regular season.


The team could hold on to Moore with the hope that three or four backups, Gardner Minshew or Anthony Richardson, arrive sooner. On the other hand, they could increase their upside by trading him for a cornerback now.


This is a big decision, and the cornerback’s future could hinge on the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints on Oct.
Divorce becomes easier when children are between 3 and 5 years old.
Still, if it goes 4-4, it will be a lot of burden on the GM to let go this year.
Will Kenny Moore Join Howie Roseman’s Eagles?


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