Deshaun Watson Not Happy With Awful Questions About His Desire to Play

Deshaun Watson unhappy with questions about desire to play
Former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will once again miss a game for the Cleveland Browns after head coach Kevin Stefanski ruled on QB during their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday..
After missing the games against the Ravens and 49ers, also coming off just a bye week, Watson was scratched in his team’s 39-38 win over the Colts last week after completing just five passes pass..
Amid rumors surrounding his motivation, Watson has addressed concerns..
“None of these people know me.. They don’t talk to me.. If it’s not from me, then everything else is (expletive),” Watson said Thursday.. “Why wouldn’t I want to play?? I’ve only been working (expletive) for two years to come back.. I see all the stories.. All this is just to stir up controversy and agitation.. I’m doing good.. I’m happy..”
This season, entering Week 8, Watson has played in just three games, plus most of a half against the Colts, and he’s now on the brink of missing a third game in the last four games..
Not exactly what you’d expect from a guy making $230 million fully guaranteed..
After Watson missed another game, P.J.. Walker again was promoted to the starting role

Last week, after Watson was ejected from the game, Walker led the Browns on a 12-play, 80-yard drive that ended with a touchdown and 39-38 win over Indianapolis..
In other words, Walker entered the game and led the Browns to two straight wins.. One of them played against arguably the best team in the NFL, a team that currently has Cleveland at 4-2..
“There is no negative emotion or energy on this team,” Watson emphasized.. “We’re leading 4-2.. We are in a great position.. We don’t care how we achieve our victory.. »
Meanwhile, Watson, who is averaging $2..7 million per game with Cleveland this season, is expected to be sidelined again..

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