Deion Sanders talks ‘noodling’ ahead of Colorado’s game vs. UCLA at the Rose Bowl

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders loves to fish for bass and recently spent time riding all-terrain vehicles on his ranch in Texas during his team’s bye week last week.


But there are a few things he didn’t do and never will do during his time off from work, as he revealed Thursday on the weekly Colorado Football Coaches Show in Boulder.


He called them the “three things Black folks don’t do.”


“We don’t deep-sea dive. We don’t bungee-jump. We ain’t noodling, all right? We don’t do that, “said Sanders, whose Buffaloes (4-3) face the No. 24 UCLA Bruins (5-2) on Saturday at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.



What is noodling?

Noodling is the act of catching catfish with your hand by going into the water and reaching into catfish holes hoping they bite. It can lead to bruising and bites on the arm.


The topic came up when the show’s host, Mark Johnson, asked Sanders about his time off and whether he fishes for catfish.


“I hate catfish,” Sanders said. He said catfish “take all your bait food. They eat every dern thing. They get on your nerves.”


Johnson then asked Sanders if he ever tried noodling.



“Oh my God,” Sanders said.


He said one of his friends from the Atlanta Falcons would show him his bruised arm.


“I said, `What is that?’” Sander said. “And he told me what that was. And I said, `Ain’t no way.’”


He also said he “saw someone do it” in the lake on his ranch.



“I’m not getting in the water to do that, first of all,” he said. “I’m not a swimmer, either. That is unbelievable.”



’Ain’t nothing down there I want to see‘

Sanders expounded on these quirks of his with a sense of humor, less than two weeks after being parodied on “Saturday Night Live.”



Fly-fishing is another “no go” for him.


“I’m fly while I fish; I don’t do fly fishing,” he said.


He said fly-fishing is “too much work” for the arm. “I might as well play tennis if I’m going to do all that.”


As for deep-sea diving, it ranks up there with noodling catfish.


“We ain’t going down there,” he said. “Ain’t nothing down there I want to see.”

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