Deion Sanders’ manager has revealed how long he plans to stick with KO.

Deion Sanders’ manager has revealed how long he plans to stick with KO.


Many people believe that Deion Sanders will not be in Boulder for long.
On the Rich Eisen Show on Thursday, the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes disputed that claim.

Coach Prime is entering his first season at the helm of the Buffs, but his impressive profile, combined with his two-sport stardom and past and present head coaching accomplishments, raises many questions about how he can continue to lead CU long-term.
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Most recently, many believe he will coach his son and the team’s quarterback, Sheder Sanders, for the final year after the 2024 season until standout Travis Hunter becomes eligible for the NFL draft.

Constance Schwartz-Morini said no. Prime plans to remain under an iron fist.
“I have a feeling he’s not going to be in Colorado anymore,” Rich Eisen said.

– He will stay. He stays.
“We are proud to have him as part of our team,” said Schwartz-Morini, CEO and Premier Manager of SMAC.
Sanders, 56, signed his first five-year contract as Boulder’s head coach.
Considering he’s the rare coach to make that much money in his previous career, he might turn down a big offer involving the Buffs.
He also stated repeatedly that he would never coach in the NFL, but that all changed when he returned to Nike after saying he would never coach again.

Schwartz-Morini also discussed other interesting things in the interview, including how the team handles criticism.
“What I’ve learned from him is that because I call him and say, ‘Do you think we should respond?'” he ignores,” he said.
“He said, ‘No!’ He said, “We know what we’re doing.” And look, we all knew it was going to be a tough first season.
But even if the team lost, we will win.
Because that’s how they train.
Prime-Dion is just like you, you know that everywhere. When they play like hot trash, he tells them they play like hot trash, he tells the media they play like hot trash.
I’ll tell you one thing, I was in that room after the loss and I thought, ‘God, if the coaches and the teams don’t come back after that, I don’t know what I do.’ (Take him.)”

“And most of the things you see, whether it’s glasses or T-shirts, it’s not what he does, it’s what we do,” he said.
“We have photo shoots before or at the beginning of the season, which is really nice.
The critics who are coming at him now because we filmed this a few weeks ago, if he didn’t lose, they’re going to come at him and say he won because he did it differently.
Since he has access to social media and these platforms, I started following his example. I know what he’s doing. I know what student-athletes do and I know what coaches do.
We ignore them.

Sanders seems to be having a great time in Boulder, and his management agrees.
“It’s a perfect fit,” Schwartz-Morini said.
“I think it’s very funny the way he wears the cowboy hat.

Even if the Sanders Buffs find a way to make the College Football Playoff like Prime dreams of, they will likely stick around given the difficult second half of the season.


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