Deion Sanders is trying to inspire his team as the Buffalos enter a meat grinder down the stretch.

The Buffaloes are currently 4-3 with remaining games against UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona, Washington State and Utah. Colorado needs two wins to earn bowl eligibility, and it’s going to be a dogfight to get it.

Deion’s squad could win several more games, or not score another win this season. Anything is possible, such as blowing a 29-point lead to Stanford.

All bets are officially off, and the margin for error is gone. With the stakes being crystal clear, Deion Sanders is trying to get his team fired up and ready to roll against the Bruins.

Deion Sanders asks players if they still believe in the vision.

“We started this season out on belief. We started this journey out on belief and I wanna know, do you still believe? Because I can recall talking to you and looking at your eyes and seeing how you practiced and seeing how you wanted it the first time we walked out against TCU. I want to make certain that the same men are in this room. The same coaching staff is in this room. The same understanding, the same want, the same desire, the same feeling, the same passion, the same purpose, the same killer instinct is in this room. Do you still believe? Do you still want it,” Sanders asked his team in blunt fashion in classic Deion form.

The Colorado head coach also made it clear that players are failing each other by letting things slide, and he’s seen enough.

“Let me tell you something, and this is dead serious. I’ve been on championship teams, and some of the coaches have too, and some of y’all have too… Championship teams don’t let bull junk slide. Y’all know that,” Sanders passionately told his Colorado players
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Deion and Colorado can still make some noise.

The past month or so have been brutal for Colorado. The team started off scorching hot by ripping off a 3-0 start. Deion and the Buffs are 1-3 since. The Buffaloes were blown out by Colorado and lost a game to Stanford after being up by 29 during that skid. It’s been an ugly past several weeks. The only bright spot was beating an absolutely awful Arizona State team.

There are now three more ranked opponents ready and waiting for Deion Sanders and his squad. The team could also easily lose to Arizona and Washington State.

There’s no guaranteed wins left on the schedule, and that’s bad news for the Buffs.

The good news Deion Sanders is a hell of a motivator, and getting to six wins is very possible. If that happens, it will be a huge accomplishment for a program that went 1-11 in 2022. Will it actually happen? Fans will soon find out, but Deion clearly believes!

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