Deion Sanders Committed to Colorado Long Term, Says Business Partner

Deion Sanders Committed to Colorado Long Term, Says Business Partner

The first year of Colorado coach Deion Sanders’s tenure in Boulder has seen an amazing boost across the board for the soon-to-be Big 12 program. And, while some may still question its longevity, all signs currently point to the partnership lasting long-term.

On Thursday, Constance Schwartz-Morini, Sanders’s longtime business partner and manager, essentially confirmed those plans while putting to rest any doubts regarding the Pro Football Hall of Famer bolting elsewhere any time soon during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show.

“He’s staying. He’s staying. He’s staying,” Schwartz-Morini, the CEO of SMAC Entertainment, told Eisen with an assuring nod.

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders plans to remain with the Buffaloes for the long haul, his longtime business partner Constance Schwartz-Morini told Rich Eisen.

Schwartz-Morini, who’s worked with Sanders for over a decade, went on to also acknowledge a prevailing rumor that the Buffaloes coach could leave for the NFL. As it turns out, the interest in the pros remains non-existent on Coach Prime’s end.

“Perfect fit. I think he’s having too much fun there,” she said of Sanders at Colorado. “He’s just been able to be who he is really deep down inside, driving his tractor and wearing his cowboy hat.”

With Sanders poised to remain with the Buffaloes, time will tell how the program continues to blossom under his leadership, especially considering the impact he made in three successful years at HBCU Jackson State.

On the field, Colorado (4–3) has improved leaps and bounds while seeing a massive increase in visibility and popularity and drawing huge audiences for their televised games. Off the field, CU has seen the Prime Effect in full swing, with the first sold-out spring game and season-ticket sellout in school history, as well as booms in merchandise sales and publicity among the highlights.

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