Vikings Trade Pitch Swaps 1st-Round Pick for Pro Bowl DE

Vikings trade first-round pick for Pro Bowl DE
The script has turned for the Minnesota Vikings, at least this week, and the timing of a resurgence could reshape the franchise.
If the Vikings lose to the Green Bay Packers on the road next Sunday, everything will change. But as things stand, Minnesota (3-4) has a better chance of making the playoffs than missing out on the wide-open NFC, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index. A win over the Packers would extend the Vikings’ winning streak to three games and push the franchise to .500 for the first time all season.
The recent paradigm shift not only makes the concepts of trading quarterback Kirk Cousins and defensive back Danielle Hunter less likely, but also opens the door for Minnesota to become a buyer before the league’s trade deadline, October 31. If they approach the next six days with that in mind, the lineup will likely heat up in Minneapolis even as the weather cools.
Two-time All-Pro Brian Burns for the Carolina Panthers is one of the top players likely to hit the trade block in the next few days, and he makes total sense as a target for the Vikings if the team is willing to sign him. Castle.
The argument for Minnesota to deal Hunter is the same as it was two, three and four weeks ago, and still holds water as the logical path forward.
Hunter leads the NFL or is tied for the lead with 12 tackles for loss and nine sacks. But he is only under contract for the remainder of this season, will turn 29 next October and was unable to persuade Vikings management to offer him a long-term contract extension in the summer.
All signs point to Hunter leaving Minnesota next spring, but for now he’s still here, and as long as he’s there, the Vikings should try to maximize his talents. This is where Burns comes into the equation.
Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox ranked Burns as the best player on the site’s Week 8 big trade rankings using the following logic.
Carolina desperately needs a true No. 1 receiver to pair with [Bryce] Young, and there could be a few in the 2024 draft.
Moving Burns, 25, could bring Carolina back first round. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported last year that Carolina turned down a package of two first-round picks and a second-round pick from the [Los Angeles] Rams. The current price could be much lower as Burns will become a free agent in the spring. Still, he presents a reasonable trade target for contenders and rebuilding teams, as long as those rebuilding teams are willing to extend him.
Minnesota has a lot of holes to fill. The defenseman isn’t necessarily one of those when Marcus Davenport is healthy, even though he hasn’t played for much of the season.
The Vikings defense surprised, in a good way, after bringing in former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores to introduce a new, more aggressive scheme. According to Pro Football Reference, Burns has generated 131 pressures, 86 QB hits and 42 sacks in 70 career starts in the NFL, which should help Minnesota’s new defensive aspirations.
Burns will be expensive as Spotrac projects his market value at $23.4 million per year with a new five-year contract worth a total of $117 million. Given Burns’ age and the fact that he was asking for more than $28 million per season in extension negotiations with the Panthers over the summer, Minnesota will likely have to pay him much more.
But with Kirk Cousins’ $35 million deal and Hunter’s $17 million contract both void next March, the Vikings should be able to reach a long-term deal with Burns to satisfy two parts.
So did Davenport

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