UCLA football: Deion Sanders not sure if he’ll go to Colorado Bruins game early

UCLA football: Deion Sanders not sure if he’ll go to Colorado Bruins game early

The Bruins are rolling and the Buffaloes are on the decline right now.

The UCLA Bruins will face a team preparing for a bye week as they prepare to take on the Colorado Buffaloes this weekend.
Last time we saw the Buffaloes, they dropped a heartbreaker to Stanford and allowed the Cardinal to pull off a huge comeback.

Now Colorado knows they have to win, but no one knows what the team’s mentality will be.
There are a few things to keep in mind before the game.

“Colorado made such a splash early in the season that the Buffs became the talk of college football.
Having lost three of their last four games, the Buffs’ mindset heading into the week will be worth watching. Will they initially come out with the same confidence and self-esteem?

That’s what the Bruins will have to pay attention to throughout the game.
They play their own game and don’t care what the other side does, but they still play a role.

UCLA knows that Colorado has been stagnant lately and they are a desperate team looking for a win right now. This can lead to a trap mentality in some teams and it’s easy to fall victim to it.
But the Bruins may be preparing with a do-or-die mentality.
If they want to win in the Pac-12, they can’t lose another game, and Colorado is another team standing in their way.
UCLA needs to come out early to set the tone and they can do that from there.
“When it comes to UCLA’s offense, you’d be hard-pressed to find a team with as much offensive balance as the Bruins this season, with over 1,700 yards rushing and over 1,500 yards rushing.
It’s the kind of balance that creates problems for opposing defenses.”

Offense will be very important for the Bruins in this game, and the team will need to find a way to avoid being one-dimensional.
This has helped them get to this point and will be crucial against the Buffaloes.


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