The Cleveland Browns’ $230 million investment in DESHEAN WATSON failed to pay dividends.

The Cleveland Browns’ $230 million investment in DESHEAN WATSON failed to pay dividends.

Deshaun Watson’s five touchdown passes against the Cleveland Browns last week tell the story.
This is a sad story for the Browns and a warning to the entire NFL.
Watson, playing with an incompletely healed right (throwing) rotator cuff, made just one of those fateful five throws.
The one completion he managed only gained 5 yards.
That matches Watson’s interception total in five attempts.

Deshaun Watson didn’t shrug his shoulders this week.

But a day at the office is not a bad day.
First, it lasted less than a day because Watson was ruled out for the remainder of the first quarter with multiple injuries. He was diagnosed with a concussion and the team said he passed the exam.
And the hit he took aggravated his rotator cuff.

“It looks like he has some residual tumor that’s affecting his pitching because of what happened during the game,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said Wednesday.
The strong performance added a new chapter to the anticipation of what Browns fans have seen from Watson since his arrival in the spring of 2022.

Bottom line: Deshaun Watson delivered more bad news than good news after being traded from Houston to the Browns for three first-round picks and signing an ill-fated and controversial $230 million contract.
Now for Watson’s story.
Great deal.
It’s a great investment.
High expectations.
But so far there have been few results from this issue.

Watson will not play for the Browns on Sunday

Watson did not return after being ejected against the Colts.
And he didn’t return this week, as Stefanski announced that Watson would not play in Sunday’s game at the Seattle Seahawks.

“I think it’s best to rest this week,” the coach said.
“I think this is the best decision this week.

He’s trying like crazy.
Not for lack of trying.
Will do whatever it takes to be there.
But because of the shock and swelling he suffered, it makes sense that he would focus on rehab this week.
Then it will be there when it’s ready.

Watson manages the subscapular strains of the rotator cuff.
He originally suffered the injury in September. 24 defeated the Titans.

Watson will therefore miss his third of four matches in October.
And in the games he played, he never got out of the first quarter.

Watson has 11 TDs and eight interceptions.

That’s not what the Browns expected when they signed him to a huge, controversial contract fully guaranteed through the 2022 season.
To say the results were disappointing would be an understatement.

Watson is under contract worth $91.4 million through the end of his second season.
So far, he has appeared in 10 games, recording 11 assists and 8 steals.

If you think the Browns should see an endgame here, they probably won’t if this disappointing trend continues. Because it’s impossible.

That’s because every part of the contract they gave Watson is fully guaranteed, and the cost to move up would destroy Cleveland’s salary cap structure.
So it’s no surprise that other teams balk at the idea of ​​making such a deal for every top defenseman. Because Cleveland’s model is terrible when the players involved don’t live up to expectations.
It is no exaggeration to say that we are talking about a small sample size here.

After all, it wasn’t Watson’s fault he missed those games, as he was suspended for 11 NFL games last year.
Otherwise it was his fault.

All the Browns can do is hope.

This injury is certainly not his fault.
It’s true.
According to Stefanski, an MRI showed that Watson had no structural damage, but the swelling would need to be addressed.
It’s not that I’m not happy with the investment in Watson, because it should have been an unforgiving season that promises “lots of Ws.”

And no one can help add a W when offside.

No one in Cleveland is saying when Watson will return.
The biggest problems are: No one can predict with certainty whether a quarterback will be able to play at a high level no matter where he returns.

In that regard, there are no guarantees for the quarterback, who is guaranteed $230 million.
So the Browns can only hope.
They want Watson back.
We have a backup quarterback P.J. Walker can do relatively little damage without Watson.

They signed up for this fight. All they can do is bond.
Even as the situation continues to worsen, there is no way out.

“It’s our quarterback, it’s a shoulder injury, so we’re getting information every day,” Stefanski said.
“We will continue to make smart decisions for our football team.”


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