Deion Sanders shows Michael Vick his iconic Colorado unit. “I’ll sleep here Friday night.”

Deion Sanders shows Michael Vick his iconic Colorado unit.
“I’ll sleep here Friday night.”

Deion Sanders has the best time in Colorado.
Recently, Coach Prime asked the legendary Michael Vick to visit his facility in Colorado and the coach couldn’t stop himself from stopping by. As expected, even Vick was impressed with all that the Folsom Field facility had to offer.

From reminiscing about their playing days to discussing the current football scenario, it was a memorable meeting between the two legends. In a video shared by Well Off Media, the duo can be seen discussing all that Colorado has to offer, while Coach Prime tells an interesting story about his new home.

Michael Vick’s VIP Tour with Deion Sanders

The two met before filming an NFL interview for FOX.
Deion Sanders gave the former Falcons QB a tour of his office at the University of Colorado and revealed some of his favorite things to do.
After talking about his experience in Boulder so far, the Colorado Buffaloes HC took the former NFL QB to his office balcony and revealed some great footage.
Folson Field is surrounded by a large, flat area that provides great views from the stadium.
Vic was stunned by the sight, fully visible from Prime’s perspective. Sanders then talked about one of his favorite shows, the beautiful view from the balcony and the excitement of the crowd that filled the stadium.
When Vick talked about the electric nature of the fans entering the stadium before a game, Coach Prime said:

“When I’m at home on Friday night, I sleep here.
Because I like to see things empty and I like things to be filled. So when I wake up the fan starts spinning a little and I see something like a TV camera. I really like it.’

The legend talked about the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, which Vic mentioned, while Sanders talked about the beauty of winter, completely covered in snow.
Sanders also praised Vick for his impact on the black community and his ability to stay true to who he is. After discussing past players, they began talking about their days with the Atlanta Falcons.

Oki’s son could follow in his father’s footsteps

The meeting of the legends turned into nostalgia, but not before discussing future generations of footballers. One of those positions will soon be taken by Vic’s youngest child, Mitez, who recently showed interest in football for the first time.
He usually heads to the toy store, but this time he stopped by Target and picked out a football helmet. It was still nothing but a Dolphins helmet in the eyes of a proud father who was happy to see his son finally take an interest in football.
When Sanders asked the former QB about his son, he said:

“He just got his first helmet.
He was in Doel.
He usually got toys and a helmet.
It was a Dolphins helmet and I thought it was just the beginning. And he’s only talked about it in recent weeks.
Dad, I want to play soccer, Dad, I want to play soccer.
“So he’ll be a football player on Halloween.”

If Mitez’s love for football continues, Vick may turn to his godfather in Colorado. Sanders has been a forceful presence in college football with surprising impact, and the youngster could learn a thing or two from his shadow.


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