Brady Quinn’s controversial comments about Deshaun Watson are stirring up controversy on social media.

Brady Quinn’s controversial comments about Deshaun Watson are stirring up controversy on social media.

Quinn chides Watson for his behavior off the field

Former Browns quarterback Brady Quinn (left) and Deshaun Watson.

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn says he’s not a fan of Deshaun Watson.
The Browns traded for Watson in hopes that he would become the face of the franchise, but he faced backlash for his off-field issues.

Quinn, who hosts a talk show on Fox Sports Radio, recently made some controversial comments about Watson.
He said: “Anyone with medical judgment found Deshaun Watson innocent. The situation is much the same as for a child receiving a $230 million trust fund.
You ask them to get a job, but they don’t want it.”

Watson’s personal trainer, Quincy Avery, was quick to defend her on social media.
He retweeted Quinn’s comment, writing, “Brady, I’ll be real.
You don’t know what you’re talking about and you gossip behind the microphone like a little schoolboy.”

Things got complicated with Watson. He was suspended for 11 games in 2022 and returned for the team’s final six games with mixed results.
Many attributed their struggles to rust.
However, the 2023 season opener was inauspicious for Watson.
He suffered a shoulder injury in Week 3 and missed three games.

Many people criticized Watson’s performance.

The beginning of Brown’s tenure brought him much criticism.
But there are still many who believe it can change things. As one fan put it, “Deshaun has had a rough start in Cleveland, but he’s a talented quarterback and I think he can be successful if he gets healthy and plays well again.”

Despite the criticism, Watson was determined to improve and help the Browns win.
In a recent interview, he said: “I know I haven’t reached my potential this season, but I’m working hard every day to get better.
I believe in myself and my teammates and I know we can change things.”

Only time will tell if Watson can live up to the expectations of being the face of the franchise.
But one thing is clear: many support him.


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