What UCLA’s Chip Kelly had to say about Deion Sanders and Colorado

What UCLA’s Chip Kelly had to say about Deion Sanders and Colorado

Coach Prime and the Buffs face the Bruins in the Rose Bowl on Saturday.

The Colorado Buffaloes have a bye week and face No. 23 UCLA in the decider. Bruins coach Chip Kelly has a lot in common with Deion Sanders.
Two Pac-12 coaches have been television analysts at different points in their careers.
The two met for the first time on Saturday and respect each other.
Here’s what Kelly had to say about Sanders this week:

What are your first impressions of Colorado?
“They’re good, I think especially on the offensive side of the ball.” You know the receiver trio of Edwards, Weaver, Horne and Hunter as running backs?
In fact, they all can run.
They really can all go.

“I think Sheder understands this crime very well.
Good understanding of him does not compromise the ball, knows the football well and has a good plan on the attacking side of the ball.
You know you have to move these guys and defensively they have some guys who run the football.
So they’re a good football team, they’ve been tested and they’ve made a lot of good plays.

“They played a tight game. You know, they had a couple of overtime wins against Colorado State and then they lost in double overtime against Stanford.
“You’ve seen them compete and play hard in some really exciting football games.”

Thoughts on Sheder Sanders and how he handles the CU offense

What does it say about the quarterback?
In my opinion, Shedevir is one of the most successful defenders in the country.
I know it gives up a lot of bags, but it still avoids the redundancies.
“There’s a lot of talk about him.
I mean, I think he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the country and he’s definitely one of the guys in the conversation right now.
There’s a lot of balance.
For defenders, it’s a different deal now and I don’t think people will appreciate it as much, but I’d say the best defenders are the strongest.
A lot of people do that when they attack and stay there and don’t threaten to get the ball where it should be.
“I think he knows it’s the key and he knows how the offense works.
So this week we’re focusing on trying to break the route timing and trying to break the offense.
“Rout time.
You really have to put pressure on the quarterback,” he said.

Could the Prime manager put his list through the transfer portal and get Kelly to do the same?

“This is a new era. When I came here five or six years ago, I couldn’t do that.
Now you can.
How to do it and how to choose.
I think a program can evaluate players, see where they are and then see if they can upgrade a player at that position, and that’s what coach Sanders did.
You see, the record speaks for itself.

“Last year we won one game and this year we won four.
That’s why it works.
“He did a great job out there and we’ll play against him on Saturday.”

Did Kelly and Sanders meet?
“I really know that person. He brought his masterpiece to a camp here a few years ago.
I think it’s great.
I think he did a great job there.
I think it fits for college football as well. The interest and hype he has for this game, but I’m also surprised by it.
You see, he is a bit old-fashioned in his attitude and the way he does things.

“I think it’s similar to when he was a player.
He had a lot of talent, but he also had a great work ethic in what he did, how he did it, and what he put into it.
That’s what he demands from his players and what he gets from them.
“What he did was very impressive.”

Colorado visits Pasadena for the last time as a member of the Pac-12.
They will face No. 23 UCLA in the Rose Bowl on Saturday, October 1st. 28.
The game will be televised nationally on ABC at 7:30 p.m. and.


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