Deion Sanders’ ex-wife Pilar Sanders subtly mocks Oregon’s Dan Lanning

Deion Sanders’ ex-wife Pilar Sanders subtly mocks Oregon’s Dan Lanning: “Looks, sounds, walks like a Duck”



Pilar Sanders recently roasted the Oregon Ducks’ head coach Dan Lanning through a social media post. Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes lost to Oregon in week 4 of the ongoing college football season. And coach Sanders’ ex-wife mocked Lanning after a new revelation about what happened that day.

The Oregon-Colorado matchup was a heated one, with numerous barbs exchanged between the two teams. Lanning had ruffled some feathers by claiming that Coach Prime and his team were playing for clicks. While that game is now in the past, its reverberations can still be felt.

Pilar Sanders took to social media to subtly mock Dan Lanning as Keyshawn

Pilar Sanders’ subtle hit at Oregon HC an Lanning

Pilar Sanders shared a video on Instagram. In it, former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson claimed that coaches from other schools helped the Oregon Ducks with information to beat the Colorado Buffaloes.Johnson did not reveal any names but said that the amount of information given was unprecedented.

“I spoke to somebody in the coaching fraternity right after the game and they know some people who coach at Oregon. And they was telling me, ‘Man, I have never heard from an assistant coach about how much information was being given to that staff about game planning against Colorado so they can beat them,'” Johnson said on ‘Undisputed’.

sk-advertise-banner-imgDeion Sanders’ ex-wife took the opportunity to fire some subtle shots at the Oregon HC.




“If it looks like a Duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck….,” Pilar wrote in her IG story.




The defeat against Oregon was Colorado’s first of the season. It was an eventful weekend overall with a lot of ramifications for both teams.

Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes in a slide

Since losing to Oregon, Deion Sanders’ boys have played three more games. And they have ended up on the losing side of all but one of those.The USC Trojans overcame them in week 5, the week after the blowout defeat against Dan Lanning’s boys. And most recently, they suffered a humiliating defeat against the Stanford Cardinal in week 7.The Ducks went on to win the week 6 game as well, after enjoying a bye week. But they fell to the Washington Huskies in week 7. So while the Buffaloes are 4-3 at the moment, the Ducks are comfortable at 5-1.Who will have the upper hand when the season comes to a close, Deion Sanders or Dan Lanning?

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