Colts owner Anthony Richardson takes responsibility for the upgrades

Colts owner Anthony Richardson takes responsibility for the upgrades

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay joined The X Group Tuesday night to provide an update on the health of rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Anthony Richardson suffered a sprained AC last October.
No. 8 consulted with several specialists to determine if his injury would require surgery against the Tennessee Titans. Six days ago, the team announced that its franchise quarterback would require surgery to repair an injured shoulder.
On Tuesday night, Colts owner Jim Irsay confirmed that Richardson had surgery that day in Los Angeles and that the surgery was a success.
It is important that there were no “new surprises” during his operation.
The Colts have yet to set a timetable for Richardson’s return, but he has been ruled out for the rest of the season.
If he doesn’t suffer any setbacks during this rehab process, he’ll likely be fully recovered before OTAs begin when the teams meet for the first time this offseason.
Considering this will be his first full-time job as the Colts’ starting quarterback, this is a huge deal. Richardson spent most of last season preparing for the draft and battled with Gardner Minshew for the starting QB spot.
This offseason will be very different for Richardson.
Because he will have a new focus, especially with the experience he has accumulated so briefly in 2023.
Now he will have a chance to have a promising rookie season.
There will still be plenty of opportunities for Richardson to spend time conducting sessions with skilled players. There are many reasons to be excited about Richardson’s return.
Especially since it has proven to exceed everyone’s expectations.
After rehabilitation, he wants to take the next step in his career.


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