Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. I am not a “good loser”.

Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. I am not a “good loser”.

McAfee opened fire on an official at a Browns-Colts game.

Pat cAfee recaps two controversial conversations after the Browns’ win over the Colts.

INDIANAPOLIS – Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. clarified his comments after Sunday’s loss to the Browns, saying he felt better because “I’ve never lost well before.”

Pittman, the Colts’ leading receiver, complained to the Indianapolis Star about his involvement in the offense, in part: “They didn’t target me today for some reason.” Maybe I’m not an important part of the crime.”

Pittman gathered reporters in the Colts locker room Wednesday to try to clarify those claims.

“It was a very disappointing loss,” Pittman said of the Browns’ 39-38 win.
“I’ve never lost.
I’m a very bad sport.
It’s something I’ve done all my life and sometimes it’s hard for me. And when you lose, sometimes you lose your cool and you lose your mind.
“I think I was being a little dramatic when I said that.”

Known as a fierce competitor who often takes opponents down the field, Pittman leads the Colts in targets, receptions and receiving yards.
In Sunday’s game, he had five targets and two touchdowns, including a 75-yard touchdown over two defenders.
All of this made the nature of his observations shocking, and Pittman acknowledged this fact.

“Obviously I play a big role in this offense,” said Pittman, who is averaging 9.3 goals per game this season.
“I lead the team in goals and stuff like that, so it was frustrating and I wanted to make it clear that I love playing here and I love Indy and everything we do here and I’m happy.” It’s coming this week.”

Pittman is entering the final year of his four-year rookie deal and offers the Colts an interesting postseason solution. The organization hasn’t invested heavily in a wide receiver in years, and Pittman represents the first decision of Chris Ballard’s seven-year tenure.

Pittman went through many quarterback changes and played with seven different starting quarterbacks in four seasons.
This season, he dealt with Anthony Richardson’s season-ending shoulder injury, forcing Gardner Minshew to start the remaining games.

“I feel like I’m part of a team that’s very consistent and constantly changing,” Pittman said.
“And obviously there’s a lot of continuity between receivers and quarterbacks, but we don’t have that.
[Richardson] is going down, so we’ll see what happens from there.
“But right now, Gardner is steering the ship and I think he’s doing a good job.
I think we’re top 10 offensively in almost every category, so he’s doing a great job.”


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