WHAT NEXT: Lewis Hamilton’s Latest Business Venture Uncovered By Fans

Lewis Hamilton has teased his all-new business venture on social media through some smart and sneaky marketing. Thanks to TeamLH and their burner account investigations, they got a hint of the new drink the seven-time world champion is set to come up with.


While fans were busy trolling several drivers for their burner accounts, they took the time to decipher the meaning behind Hamilton’s username. But little did fans know that this could have been a trick by the Mercedes driver to promote his upcoming drinks brand and he knew very well that his fans would find out through some way or the other.



What caught the attention of fans was a drink that Hamilton sipped after the race in Japan. That sparked the fans, pushing them to find out about the ‘refreshing drink’ the racer spoke of on camera.


It was obviously a pretty tough puzzle for fans to crack but, after some serious investigation, the fans figured out Hamilton’s genius marketing idea.




The findings suggested that the British driver is releasing a non-alcoholic beverage called Almave, set to be launched on the 26th of October. Funnily, Almave seemed to be the inspiration behind Hamilton’s cryptic username that was spelled backward as ‘ev10am26la.’





What is Almave?

Hamilton has proved his business success in the past. He recently launched his vegan food chain in New York called Neat Burger alongside Leonardo Di Caprio.


But in Japan, Hamilton got into a sneaky marketing mode of promoting his beverage brand called Almave, which is reported to be a non-alcoholic agave-based drink. His vegan and clean living lifestyle might have inspired him to push a rare beverage of a similar kind in the market that is set to launch during the Mexican Grand Prix.



His business endeavors aren’t limited to food. He has so far also launched his own Plus 44 World clothing collection before being mentioned as one of the key influencers in the fashion industry.

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