Should The Colts Buy Or Sell At The NFL Trade Deadline?

Should The Colts Buy Or Sell At The NFL Trade Deadline?
INDIANAPOLIS – A Halloween trick or treat?
The NFL trade deadline falls on Halloween this year—a week from Tuesday—and with that brings the annual question.
Buy or sell?
Last year, you saw a Colts season heading off the rails lead to a sell of a Nyheim Hines, but the Colts did get some return on that in acquiring Zack Moss (and a 5th round pick) from Buffalo.
At 3-4, and with Anthony Richardson’s rookie season over, how should the Colts handle this year’s trade deadline?
Reasons to Buy
-Avenue to Buy:
While the NFL’s trade deadline doesn’t cause the fanfare of other professional leagues or even the machinations of free agency due to or of the draft, but this should be seen as a great opportunity to make some changes While cap space will certainly get tighter over the years as the Colts start paying big positions more, we cannot ignore other ways to strengthen the squad. This is one of those times when teams bring different mentalities to the negotiating table at the trade deadline.
– Believe in second chances:
Much of the trade deadline usually revolves around a former high draft pick coming to the end of their rookie contract, and the current team deciding enough is enough, enough to separate. And, of course, that makes another team think they can dig something up with a second home for that player (like former third-round pick Zack Moss last year). The Colts have had some short-term success with various revitalization projects (Vontae Davis, Eric Ebron, Xavier Rhodes, Zack Moss, to name a few). Now is the time to explore that and see if you can find a player who can help the Anthony Richardson era from a timeline perspective.
Reasons to Sell
– Think Ahead:
To me, most of the trade deadline revolves around this: Do you think you’re a playoff team and a trade would get you from That becomes a Super Bowl contender? If the answer to this question is no then I am almost always inclined to become a “salesperson”. And for now, I think we have to think that the 2023 Colts aren’t “just one player” who can be a contender. The Titans started Monday by trading away longtime veteran Kevin Byard. Should the Colts follow suit?
– Building the War Chest:
As the Colts move deeper into team building with Anthony Richardson, accumulating draft picks will become even more important. Finding impact players through “cheap” rookie deals will be paramount to the team’s growth. And building capital for the project opens the door to starting a large-scale business (large-scale for Richardson?). So there’s where selling comes into play a bit. It’s long-term thinking, but needs to be kept in mind as you think about what could be need for bigger acquisitions in the future.
My Thoughts
-I would look long and hard at moving some of the “contract year players” who you are leaning towards not bringing back. Some of the team’s 2024 free agents include Michael Pittman Jr., Zack Moss, Kenny Moore, Julian Blackmon, Grover Stewart. Are any of these guys expendable? Are these all in the plans for 2024 and beyond? I view future draft capital as important, not only to try to land new/early impact contracts but also to build future trade packages for all-stars. If moving one of these guys, who you have no intention of re-signing, gives you a return for the ’24 draft, then it’s something to consider.

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