Michigan, Colorado, Deion Sanders signs theft scandal: ‘It still needs to be stopped’

Michigan, Colorado, Deion Sanders signs theft scandal: ‘It still needs to be stopped’

Deion Sanders doesn’t seem too concerned about the Michigan sign-stealing scandal.

The Colorado State coach downplayed the extent to which the stolen base signal helps opponents during Tuesday’s press conference.
“I don’t know how accurate this is,” Sanders said.
“I mean, everybody’s trying to make a profit.
Everyone is trying to gain as much advantage as possible. You might have someone’s entire game plan.
They can email you.
However, it has to stop.”

Suspended Michigan State running back Connor Stallions was at the center of the Wolverines’ sign-stealing scandal.
ESPN’s Pete Thamel and Mark Schlabach report the Stallions have purchased tickets to 30 games against 11 Big Ten opponents over the past three seasons.

The assistant coach used the chair to illegally record people’s hand signals in violation of NCAA regulations.
Stallion’s pay is currently on hold while the NCAA investigates.

“The Big Ten Conference places a high value on competitive integrity.
“Because the NCAA’s investigation is ongoing, we have no further comment at this time,” the Big Ten said in a statement.

The acquisition of a seat coincides with Michigan’s re-emergence as a national power.
After an abysmal 2-4 campaign in 2020, Harbaugh was promoted and Michigan posted a 33-3 record over the last three seasons.
The Wolverines advanced to the College Football Playoff in 2021 and 2022 and were again one of the last four teams remaining this season.
Stealing game tokens is not prohibited.
However, using opponents’ records and conducting personal research is a violation of NCAA rules.
Michigan State said it plans to fully cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation.
Harbaugh has been suspended for three games this season for violating the COVID-19 practice policy.
If he had organized or had knowledge of an espionage scheme, he could have been fired.


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