Although it is a new location, there are no major delays for the Red Bull F1 Wind Tunnel.

Although it is a new location, there are no major delays for the Red Bull F1 Wind Tunnel.

Red Bull has changed plans for its new Formula 1 wind tunnel after retaining a slightly different site near its factory in Milton Keynes.

The world champion team planned to build a new facility at its original base, which the team felt was necessary to remain at the forefront of F1 car development in the long term.
The site near the technical campus has been cleared and the team has officially applied for a building permit to continue construction.

However, as part of major developments taking place in Milton Keynes, including the construction of a new Red Bull Powertrains facility and subsequent factory expansion, the team has now decided to slightly change the location of its planned wind tunnel.
Any change in location of the facility to a more suitable site means that the original building permit is no longer valid and has been revoked.

It is understood that a new document is now being prepared for approval.
According to the team, this new process will take some time, but the change of location will not have a significant impact on when the facility will be operational.
Cars from 2026.

Since joining Red Bull F1 through the purchase of the Jaguar team in late 2004, Red Bull F1 has used the refurbished Bedford facility as its official wind tunnel.
Previously used by the Arrows team, the wind tunnel was originally designed as an aircraft production facility at the end of World War II.

Starting a new wind tunnel experiment was one of the last decisions made by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz before he died last year.
Team principal Christian Horner said in Austin that Red Bull is in a very good position with its commitments for the future.

“We have a lot of support,” he said.
“We are investing in a new wind tunnel and both shareholders signed up for it.

“We are investing to make our facilities and campus a true technology campus that attracts and develops talent.
“Our commitment is absolute.
Our strength and depth have always been in our people.
I think we have the strongest technical team we’ve ever had.
“I think we are operationally strong.
I don’t see any organizational weakness. I don’t think that means we can’t improve. You can always improve and you are always learning.
But I think Red Bull Racing is in its best form so far



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