Why Lewis Hamilton was banned from US GP, as F1 stewards explain harsh punishment

Why Lewis Hamilton was banned from US GP, as F1 stewards explain harsh punishment


Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc failed car inspections after the United States Grand Prix, leaving both F1 stars banned from the race.

Lewis Hamilton collected a trophy from the US GP podium, but later lost it.

Formula 1 officials have made it clear they have no choice but to disqualify Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc from the United States Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen won the race in Austin but was just seconds ahead of Hamilton when he took the checkered flag.
The seven-time world champion won the final laps, but did not have enough time to overtake his rival.

In the end it doesn’t matter.
Hamilton was sued after his Mercedes failed the FIA’s post-race technical inspection. And Leclerc’s 6th place was also under threat when a similar problem was discovered in his Ferrari.
The expected result was clear from the moment it appeared.
Both cars had to check the size of the rear skids, but once it was done, disqualification was inevitable.
Stewards outlined Hamilton’s punishment in an official decision document.
And the expression of other words regarding Leclerc’s personal situation was the same.
Both drivers were disqualified from the competition for the same “offence”.
The FIA ​​document states: “At the hearing, the team accepted that the measurements taken by the FIA ​​technical team were accurate and argued that the high wear of the sliding surfaces could have been the result of a unique combination of bumps.
Track and sprint competition.
This program minimizes the time spent tuning and inspecting the car before the race.

Stewards emphasize that it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that their vehicles comply with the rules at all times during the competition. In this particular case, the rear slide in the areas identified in the technical representative’s report exceeded the limits specified in paragraph 3.5.9 e) of the FIA ​​Formula 1 technical regulations, which include wear resistance.
Therefore, standard fines are applied for violation of technical regulations.\”

In response to the news, Hamilton clearly didn’t want him to let the team’s improved pace shine in Austin.
“Of course it’s disappointing to be disqualified after the game, but that doesn’t detract from the progress we’ve made this weekend,” he said candidly.

Team leader Toto Wolff, who is a bit short, put his hand up and admitted that the team was at fault.
“Choosing a setup for a sprint weekend is always going to be difficult with an hour of practice to spare, especially on a bumpy circuit like COTA and a new package.

“In the end, none of this matters.
Where we were wrong, others were right and there is no place in the rules.
“We have to accept it, learn from it and come back stronger next weekend.”


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