Miami Dolphins stay atop division despite 31-17 loss to Philly | Miami Herald

Miami Dolphins stay atop division despite 31-17 loss to Philly | Miami Herald


The Dolphins still lead the AFC East, but have a lot to prove after a 31-17 loss in Philly.

The Miami Dolphins left Philadelphia’s frigid temperatures behind them after Sunday night’s game as the Buffalo Bills flew home from the AFC East despite losing to the Eagles on Sunday.

This was good news for the Finns.
It wasn’t much different in the 31-17 loss.

It could have been worse, but by the end of the game, the Eagles were athletically deep in Finnish territory.
Miami next hosts the New England Patriots, who are 5-2 and beat Buffalo before traveling to Germany to face the defending Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.
Two big tests for the Dolphins franchise still isn’t enough.
In recent years he had full confidence that they would continue to do what they did.

It was Sunday night football.
Rush hour. America watches.
In fact, the NFL is watching.
The Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl last season. A pod of dolphins is trying to get there.
Two former Alabama teammates will compete again against Tua.
It hurts a lot.

It felt like the biggest game of Week 7.
The Super Bowl betting race and league MVP leaders are on the line.

The game gave the Dolphins a chance to prove themselves against their greatest opponent of all time, with the winner able to consider themselves a legitimate title contender.
Miami wasn’t like that. Philly came out stronger both offensively and defensively where size and physicality mattered, slowing down a vaunted Dolphins team.

The Dolphins also hurt themselves with penalties, including a field goal denied by Tyreek Hill.
Miami has also been hit hard by injuries. With cornerback Jalen Ramsey still not back and Xavien Howard sidelined with a groin injury, it was costly.
Especially A.J. brown.

The Dolphins fell behind 17-3 in a lackluster first half before the better team came out and fought back to make it 17-17.
The Eagles cornerback made himself known to a national prime-time audience by introducing his obvious but accurate nickname during pregame introductions: “Darius ‘The Big Game’ Kill.”

He didn’t lie.

The Dolphins trailed 24-17 in the fourth quarter when Slay intercepted Tua at the goal line, denying Philly a tie.
In the Eagles’ 24, Tua was in goal under Raheem Mostert and accidentally tipped the ball into a double goal which unfortunately contained Slay.

Bird’s physicality was soon on display as Philly went on a 13-play, 83-yard drive to put it up 31-17.
Unfortunately, Miami’s first play was a delay of game penalty, and the offense, which leads the NFL in points and yards, never found its rhythm.

The Eagles are coming off a huge loss to the New York Jets and will not be denied at home.

Tua was unable to pressure Hill on deep routes like he usually does.
His 11 catches totaled 88 yards.
The NFL only had 45 primary games.
In Miami, I had no control over the clock.
An early drive, Hill’s 270-yard field goal and Jerome Baker’s 22-yard punt return didn’t work when Jailan Phillips deflected a pass from Hurts.

Miami’s opponents have faced four run-heavy offenses so far (Pats, Broncos, Giants, Panthers).
They had three good attacks.
They beat the Chargers by two points, lost a close game to the Bills, and are now coming off a close loss to Philly.

The Dolphins came back from that loss as a top team and proved they have more than they bargained for.


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