Max Verstappen talks about unexpected and “very rare” Red Bull problems after US GP

Max Verstappen talks about unexpected and “very rare” Red Bull problems after US GP


Max Verstappen won the United States Grand Prix but struggled to hold off challenger Lewis Hamilton in the final laps as he ran into trouble with Red Bull.

Max Verstappen suffered braking problems at the US GP.

Max Verstappen has explained the braking problems that plagued the Dutchman at the wheel at the United States Grand Prix.

Verstappen won in Austin, his 15th of the season after 18 races.
However, it wasn’t as easy as most wins this season, partly due to braking problems in the late stages.

This allowed Lewis Hamilton to close in on the championship in the final laps.
The Briton was in contention for victory but was disqualified following Mercedes’ post-race inspection after finishing 2.2 seconds behind his rival.

But his allegations have worried Red Bull star Verstappen.
— Comrades, the brakes are much worse than yesterday.
“It’s terrible,” he once shouted on the radio.
It’s not the only time he’s raised issues with the team.
While race engineer Gianpiero Lambiaz made several attempts to relay information to the driver, Verstappen said he was distracted by managing a brake problem.
“I started well. I tried to be patient at the beginning, but at the same time the tires were a bit damaged because of the long run,” he said after the race.
“Compared to [Saturday] we had a lot of problems with the brakes so we didn’t do as well and the tires were on the brakes so we were very inconsistent.

“It basically lasted the rest of the race.
That was a big factor compared to yesterday because I wasn’t at all sure if I was going to be consistent when I braked.”

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko explained the cause of the problem.
“I replaced the brake pads that broke quickly during the race,” said the Austrian.

“It didn’t feel right for him. Sometimes he braked mainly towards the front of the car, sometimes towards the rear.
“It was difficult for him to walk because of his limitations, but he overcame these difficulties very skillfully.”

Verstappen agreed: “That’s the only thing I’ve changed since [Saturday].
It was so hard. I couldn’t stop him.
This is rare in F1, but today we came forward and made it a bit more difficult.

“I couldn’t feel the brakes.
I blocked the front very lightly and blocked the back to try and adjust it. This is very strange because I normally have no problems with braking.
Today we need to understand why it happened.
“If you lock the front and rear wheels, the wheels will die too.”


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