Max Verstappen has made his feelings clear when Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the US GP.

Max Verstappen has made his feelings clear when Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the US GP.

Max Verstappen won the race ahead of Lewis Hamilton, but the Mercedes driver was later disqualified along with Charles Leclerc for failing post-race car inspection.

Max Verstappen faced criticism at the Austin circuit after winning the US GP.

Max Verstappen led F1 drivers’ criticism of the state of the American circuit after the United States Grand Prix.

The Austin circuit has hosted F1 competitions for over 10 years and is a popular destination for drivers and fans alike.

Parts of the circuit are inspired by some of the most famous corners on circuits around the world, much of the first sector is reminiscent of the Silverstone Maggots and Becketts corners.

However, the region has faced some criticism this year.

The drivers sometimes had to endure particularly rough conditions, which not only caused them discomfort, but also resulted in two drivers being eliminated from the race due to accidents.

Esteban Ocon took a big hit in the first round.

This meant he skidded at the corner and made contact with Oscar Piastri.

The Frenchman was forced to retire with a hole in his sidestand, while the McLaren driver also suffered critical damage, but one of his radiators caused his car to overheat.

“I think now it’s more suitable for a rally car,” said Verstappen, a race winner with COTA.

“For example, jump and jump. In an F1 car, you might not notice this often because the downforce keeps you glued to the ground.

”But in some places there are too many shots and too many jumps.

“I don’t think it’s at F1 level.” I love this song.

Honestly, the look is great, but it needs new asphalt.

After Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc’s stops, the road surface will undoubtedly be the focus of attention. They finished second and sixth respectively, but post-race inspections revealed that both cars had excessive rear skid wear outside of F1 regulations after being hit repeatedly on the track.

As a result, they lost their place at the competitive table. But even before he knew that would happen, Hamilton told reporters that changes were needed at the track.

“I like some of the beats because they add personality to the track, but there are too many of them,” he said.

“We can work.

As a GPDA driver, I’m happy to talk to them and help them, but I can’t do everything, so it’s expensive.

For example, it is smooth from the last corner to the starting line, and the rest is bumpy.

“The speaker pad is slippery, but there are definitely other things we can fix and improve.”

Lando Norris pointed out the biggest problem with the track: “It would help if we didn’t put [new] asphalt in the braking area.

In some places it closes again and at 100m you start on asphalt in the 12th lap and hit the brakes.

So there’s nothing I can do.”



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