Indianapolis Colts ‘screwed’ by two controversial referee calls caught on live TV at end of chaotic Browns game

Indianapolis Colts ‘screwed’ by two controversial referee calls caught on live TV at end of chaotic Browns game

THE Indianapolis Colts were on the wrong side of two controversial referee calls during their 39-38 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Both calls were made on the same Colts player at the end of the back-and-forth NFL game in Week 7.

NFL fans were in an uproar over Indianapolis Colts cornerback Darrell Baker Jr. being flagged for illegal contact during a late-fourth-quarter play in the red zoneCredit: CBS/NFL

Baker was then flagged for pass interference in the end zone — despite the football being uncatchable for Browns wideout Donavon Peoples-JonesCredit: CBS/NFL

Kareem Hunt bulldozed his way for the one-yard go-ahead touchdown to give the Browns the 39-38 win over the ColtsCredit: Getty

With less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, the Browns had their offense in the red zone as the Colts led 38-33.

But two crucial penalties were called on Indianapolis backup cornerback Darrell Baker Jr.

Colts pass rusher E.J. Speed sacked P.J. Walker and forced a fumble which was recovered by DeForest Buckner.

However, Baker was flagged for illegal contact for holding Browns star wideout Amari Cooper.

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Later in the drive, on a first-and-goal attempt, Browns quarterback P.J. Walker threw a ball that was out of the end zone and in the direction of wide receiver Donavon Peoples-Jones.

But a late flag was called on Baker for pass interference — despite the fact the pass was uncatchable.

The penalty put Cleveland at the one-yard-line.

Four plays later, Kareem Hunt punched in the go-ahead touchdown to give the Browns the win.

NFL fans, meanwhile, were livid over the two calls that went against Indianapolis.

One wrote: “Refs screwed the Indianapolis Colts today.”

Another stated: “If I’m a Colts player I would be spittin fire from these refs!

And a third added: “Refs dictating the outcome of games is bad for the sport. Colts are going to lose because of this. Unacceptable.”


Cleveland entered the game with the No. 1 defense against the pass.

And superstar defensive end Myles Garrett was a sensation in the victory, posting nine tackles, two sacks, a tackle-for-loss, a fumble forced and even a blocked field goal.

The Browns are now 5-2 and the Colts fell to 3-4.

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