Ed: ESPN is hurting itself by pushing Deion Sanders and the Buffs into the “After Dark” slot.

Ed: ESPN is hurting itself by pushing Deion Sanders and the Buffs into the “After Dark” slot.

Prime Coach won’t like anything else after midnight

Deion Sanders wasn’t wrong when he called Pac-12 After Dark “the dumbest thing ever.” ESPN will again see the value of the Buffs’ “Prime Effect” when they target 11th-ranked Oregon State’s night slot.

We realized it was 19:20.
It’s a local start for Beavers fans, but it’s far from most viewers. Colorado fans don’t belong like that either. The Buffaloes are now a national brand (thanks in large part to Sanders), with Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Denver as their top markets. Not to mention New York and Houston.

Being overlooked during the day is a huge disruption for CU football, and it’s debatable whether the “global leader in sports” recognizes it.
Disney decision makers favor No. 5 Washington to face No. 24 USC on ABC at 7:30 p.m. At 4:30pm ET/PT, the Los Angeles and Seattle markets compete for a spot in the SEC’s top 25.

Why not put a big audience like Sanders and the Buffs on CBS in a head-to-head matchup against the SEC?
They have a doubleheader against No. 1 Georgia and No. 16 Missouri at 3:30 p.m. Not. Alabama at 7:45 p.m. 15 LSUs followed.

The 10pm ET kick off will kill the crowds and focus on the West Coast, who have never visited the Buffs this year.
That also means a 2:30 press conference with Coach Prime.
Trainer Prime will crash into his office later.

This is a very pathetic program. This makes perfect sense, especially if you change Colorado-OSU to Washington-USC.
The Buffs will face the Pac-12’s strongest team in the national bracket, and the conference’s top-ranked team will face a strong team with little competition at 7 p.m. P.

Michael Penix and that fight is fun to watch. Caleb Williams is in the Heisman game.. But don’t be afraid to compare college football’s top moneymakers to prime-time SEC offerings.
Most of the country wants to see Colorado and Sanders at the right time.
Hopefully that will happen next year.


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