Colts’ Darrell Baker Jr.: Disagree with late penalty in Browns loss

Colts’ Darrell Baker Jr.: Disagree with late penalty in Browns loss

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Darrell Baker Jr. was disrupted by several controversial flags during his team’s 39-38 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

With less than a minute to play, Baker was called for illegal contact, nullifying a potential Colts fumble.
Despite putting the Browns on the 1-yard line, he was called for defensive pass interference in the end zone on the next play.

Cleveland eventually went for fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line with 15 seconds left in the game.
“I don’t agree with the fine at all,” Baker said, according to ESPN’s Stephen Holder.
“If you can’t catch that ball, you usually throw a flag. Especially when hitting corners. You can hold him until he finds the ball.
I will not hinder their [progress].
I don’t know what else I can do about it.”

While fans debated whether the ball was enough to get the flag, the 25-year-old was adamantly opposed to the penalty being awarded.
“I know [People-Jones] contacted me,” he told Holder.
“Then we saw the ball in the air and we’d better both fight. And we’re both looking for the ball.
So I see no reason to block his passage.”

Baker Jr. starting cornerback JuJu Brents, who entered the game midway through the second quarter, left the game with a quadriceps injury.
On Sunday, the Colts were penalized eight times for a total of 67 yards, while the Browns were penalized four times for 20 yards.

39 points isn’t great, but given the context of the game, Indianapolis’ defense was excellent. The Colts offense gave the Browns great field position multiple times, giving them the ball multiple times.

Quarterback Gardner Minshew had four fumbles on the day, including an interception and three fumbles.
Colts coach Shane Steichen talked to reporters about the importance of ball security after the game.

“It’s all about winning the sales war,” he said (via Holder).
“If we win the turnover game, it’s 3-0.
Otherwise, we will definitely lose all four of them.
“We have to look at the football better,” he said.


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