Vikings Predicted to Trade $13 Million All-Pro for Huge Draft Haul

Vikings expected to trade $13 million All-Pro for massive draft pick
Minnesota Vikings continue to deny trade rumors surrounding players like Kirk Cousins ​​​and Danielle Hunter, but the conversation has now turned to Justin Jefferson.
Jefferson will be out for the next four to six weeks with a strained right hamstring. Meanwhile, the Vikings are 2-4 with a home game coming up against the San Francisco 49ers. Cousins ​​and Hunter are both in the final year of their contracts and off-season negotiations with the franchise indicate neither will play in the purple and gold next season.
Matt Holder of Bleacher Report on Saturday, October 21 predicts that Minnesota will make the “shocking” decision to part ways with Jefferson before the trade deadline in a game focused on the 2024 NFL Draft and a total overhaul.
The Minnesota Vikings are 2-4 with possession wins over the 0-6 [Carolina] Panthers and 1-5 [Chicago] Bears heading into Week 7. A return to the playoffs appears to be a thing need to consider. …In other words, it might make sense for the Vikings to hit the reset button and rebuild this offseason.
They failed to extend Justin Jefferson’s contract last summer, and it’s hard to imagine him being willing to sign a longer deal with a team that’s likely to lose more in its next game . several years during reconstruction. Therefore, trading Jefferson to gain more assets to build for the future would be something to consider for Minnesota.
Dealing with arguably the best receiver in the NFL in his prime is a great way for a general manager to get fired. So it is hard to imagine Kwesi Adofo-Mensah making such a potentially devastating decision. It also makes predicting the Holder a difficult – and extremely unpopular – position to take.
That said, few players in the league can bring in better assets than Jefferson. A recent trend has also emerged of top teams parting ways with passing teams in exchange for premium draft capital.
Green Bay got a first- and second-round pick from Las Vegas for Davante Adams, and Kansas City got that along with two fourth-round picks and a sixth-round pick from Miami for Tyreek Hill . Minnesota can expect to receive similar compensation for Jefferson, and maybe even a little more since he was younger than Adams and Hill [were] when those two were dealt.
Adding at least two top-64 picks would be huge for a team about to begin a rebuild, especially if the Vikings can’t retain Jefferson beyond next season anyway.
ESPN’s Bill Barnwell said Thursday that Jefferson deserves at least a couple of first-round picks.
“I don’t think Jefferson would get three first-round picks in a trade, but the Vikings would probably get two first-round picks and a mid-round pick or a veteran pick in the first round if they decide to rebuild from scratch and trade it. (I do not approve of this plan),” Barnwell wrote. “The recent hamstring injury hurts Jefferson’s short-term value, but it doesn’t significantly change his long-term path to Canton.”

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