Very arrogant’: Reddit community bravely exposes roots of hatred towards Prime coach Deion Sanders.

‘Very arrogant’: Reddit community bravely exposes roots of hatred towards Prime coach Deion Sanders.

First-year coach Dion Sanders became a target on social media after leading the Colorado Buffaloes to their first win of the season.
He is still the hype that excites the fans and disappoints the naysayers.
During Coach Prime’s ups and downs, the Reddit community has remained silent.

The Reddit world is abuzz with the topic of Deion Sanders and how he’s the most loved and hated coach in college football this season.
Coach Prime and the Buffs are coming off a loss to the Stanford Cardinal, and the future UCLA Bruins could lose at any time. Read what Reddit users have to say about Deion Sanders.
The Secret of Deion Sanders’ Logic of Hate

Deion Sanders set Reddit on fire when a debate erupted between fans with differing opinions.
A Reddit user asked an interesting question about why Coach Prime is so hated. The post began: “Now that person gets a lot of love, but I want to hear the logic behind the hate.” We invited users from all walks of life to post their thoughts on Colorado coach Deion Sanders.

“There’s something special about Deion Sanders…”: As the pressure mounts, Coach Prime delves into the past to plan an inspired comeback.

But it’s a different case, because Prime coach Deion Sanders is “very transparent” and direct in his answers.
In his career at Colorado this season, he “never cursed or hit” any of the coaches. He serves as a “positive role model” for many, winning “at every level of his career.” Users then open a discussion and ask others for their opinions.

Reddit users share their thoughts on Deion Sanders.

Reddit users are posting their thoughts on why coach Deion Sanders is getting so much hate while being loved. Some people blame the media attention on one person.
“The media does not deserve the credit of the man.
He speaks well and is open, but when someone fights back or stoops to his level, he acts like the victim.”

People still believe that his attitude leads to this hatred.
“Extreme egos are rare.”

Another person said: “There is no shortage of media coverage.
It also encourages pointing and cursing when inappropriate. Just look at the Oregon game or the flexibility of a QB who just beat a terrible team.

But some support Deion Sanders.
“I don’t hate Deion.
He’s a person who does his job even though it’s new and different from the others…
“I blame the sports broadcasting industry,” he said.

Deion Sanders had a transformative impact on Colorado.
Although he achieved numerous accomplishments and broke several records with the Buffs, he still travels a path of love and hate among football fans.
What do you think of Prime Coach Deion Sanders?


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