The Colts add to secondary, and special teams, with Ameer Speed signing and more…

The Colts add to their secondary and special teams with the signing of Ameer Speed ​​
Indianapolis adds another speedster to their roster, nabbing the promising rookie cornerback off waivers from the Patriots. Will the ‘Speed’ duo enhance the team’s defensive and special abilities in this sea?
It’s not uncommon for a quote from the 1986 hit movie to become the perfect metaphor for change. change the roster of an NFL team. But when the Indianapolis Colts drafted Ameer Speed ​​this week, it became clear:
“I have a need, a need for speed.”
The addition of Ameer Speed ​​​to the Colts is more than just a catchy name. Hailing from Michigan State, the young cornerback clocked an impressive 4.34 seconds in the 40-yard dash at Pro Day ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft. Standing at 6’3″ tall and weighing 209 pounds, physical attributes Speed’s substance is certainly eye-catching. But beyond his impressive stats, what does this decision mean for the Colts?
Chris Ballard has proven that he has a knack for identifying talent, especially when it comes to the New England Patriots’ quit message. Fans will remember the stroke of genius in 2017 when Ballard caught Kenny Moore II. Once a talent overlooked by the Patriots, Moore quickly became an integral part of the Colts’ defense, even receiving a Pro Bowl nod. The hope in Indy is that lightning can strike twice with this latest acquisition.
However, expectations should be tempered. Ameer Speed, although athletically gifted, remains a raw defensive prospect. Early projections indicate that he’s more likely to contribute to special teams in the initial stages of his Colts career – as has been his early role in New England. Yet, given the nature of the NFL, where injuries and roster adjustments can thrust players into unexpected roles, it’s essential to have depth and potential in all positions. Speed provides just that.
This story also has a humorous twist. With Ameer Speed ​​​joining the lineup, he will be united with another “Speed” – defender E.J. Speed. The Colts currently have two “cogs” in their locker room. Although their last names may be similar, E.J. Speed ​​has made a name for himself and could be the ultimate successor to the oft-injured Shaquille Leonard. The dynamic between the two ‘paces’ will certainly create a vibrant atmosphere on and off the field.
This signing is in line with Ballard’s approach to attracting talent:
prioritizing potential and fitness. While raw talent like Ameer Speed ​​may need coaching and development, athletically gifted players have an advantage that is hard to ignore. In a league where the odds of winning can be slim, having players with the simple physical ability to change a game is invaluable.
Will Ameer Speed ​​emerge as Kenny Moore II? That remains to be seen. However, when the 2023 season rolls around, Colts fans will have another young player to keep an eye on. Because if there’s one thing soccer enthusiasts know, it’s that you can never go too fast. And it seems like the Colts have embraced that attitude wholeheartedly.

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