Sanders’ daughter, Shelomie, reacted to SNL’s Coach Prime parody after Stanford’s loss.

Sanders’ daughter, Shelomie, reacted to SNL’s Coach Prime parody after Stanford’s loss.

CU head football coach Deion Sanders leaves the locker room before a game against the Rockies at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado on September 16, 2023.
“Prime Time” coach Deion Sanders felt “unsettled” after the loss to Stanford.
While critics slammed the Buffs for blowing a sizable lead to Stanford in 2OT, SNL provided a timely overview of Coach Sanders.
However, only a few people enjoyed the 49 Premiere segment this season. Coach Prime’s daughter, Shelomi Sanders, criticized the parody.
In an interview with the Denver Post, Shelomi revealed how much she missed having a father figure on SNL. Even Deion’s Colorado co-star Travis Hunter thought he was “totally lame.”

Shelomi Sanders defends her father

The season 49 premiere of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” featured a skit parodying Deion Sanders, played by Kenan Thompson, who joked with Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost.
He recognized the joke “coach” and admitted that he slept after a break, because the team won. They also tend to exaggerate their team in the prime minister and the media.
Live viewers loved the skit, but Deion Sanders’ daughter, Shelomie Sanders, had mixed feelings.
Although he recognized the humor in the painting, he felt that it did not accurately depict his father’s intentions and personality.
He believed that the sketch was only directed at him for “show” and did not reflect his true personality.
According to the Denver Post, Shelomi said:

“Good. But I think they got it wrong.
From what they said, it seemed like he was only interested in things like “shows”.
But not him…”

Shelomie Sanders isn’t just Deion’s daughter.
She was a member of the Jackson State women’s basketball team before moving to Colorado, where she joined her father and older siblings, Shedeur and Shiloh, who played on the Buffaloes football team.
As a freshman on the Colorado women’s basketball team, she was recognized for her strong work ethic and tough personality. Even Colorado Buffs rising star Travis Hunter backed up Shelomi, calling the script “absolutely lame.”

Hunter talks about SNL’s weaknesses due to Sanders’ poor performance.

On the eighth episode of Bleacher Report’s “12 Interviews,” cornerback Travis Hunter gave his take on Kenan Thompson’s portrayal of Coach Prime (Deion Sanders) in an SNL skit.
Skeet mocked Colorado’s defense and jokingly suggested that Sanders left the game against Stanford at halftime and was later disappointed by the final score.
While many fans were happy with the scenario, some members of the Colorado football team, including Hunter, had a different opinion.
Hunter expressed his displeasure with the image, calling it “weak”. Despite these differing opinions, the SNL skit unexpectedly caught the attention of the Colorado football team, and some fans took notice of the team.
The loss at Stanford and the resulting SNL skit drew media attention, but Hunter remained calm and unfazed by the incident.


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