Travis Hunter claims to have taken a break and was concentrating on UCLA.

Travis Hunter claims to have taken a break and was concentrating on UCLA.

Next week, Colorado’s two-way star will be back at work.

Deion Sanders is aware of Travis Hunter’s exceptional talent.
Although the two-way star for the Colorado Buffaloes will have a bye week, his attitude hasn’t altered since he started working with Coach Prime at Jackson State.

Hunter has such a fighter’s edge that he wanted to return early for a lacerated liver.
Hunter still texts Sanders in the early morning with “Let GO” messages.
That encompasses EVERY aspect of HIM’s mindset.
It should come as no surprise, then, that he feels differently than other Buffs players about the off-week.

Hunter gave a standard response when asked what he planned to do during the bye week. Hunter stated, via Well Off Media, “Go to work.”.
“My break ended three weeks ago.
I don’t require a break or any more rest.

It is not surprising to witness Hunter engaging in extended workouts within the Champion Center during the upcoming week.
He is totally absorbed in the football game and struggles with downtime. Sanders calls him a “Dawg” for this reason, and he puts his trust in HIM when he needs a playmaker.
In the fourth quarter of the heartbreaking defeat to Stanford, Hunter demonstrated every aspect of it once more.

Colorado has a week off before traveling to Pasadena on October 25 to play 25th-ranked UCLA.
Due to CU’s impending Big 12 bid, this will be the Buffs’ only trip to California this year and probably for the foreseeable future.


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