Too little balance hurting Vikings rush game

Too little balance hurts the Vikings’ rushing game
I miss the never-so-far-off buzzword “run by committee” and all the lingering drama from the summer last year across the league will likely have far-reaching consequences on how the game plays out. .
Many have speculated that the Vikings will replace their aging running back lineup (which, at least in 2022, is still productive) by using a mix of different personnel to compensate for the lack of a true “leader” returns.
With the powerful and underrated CJ Ham at cornerback, Alexander Mattison, Ty Chandler and more recently former Los Angeles Ram Cam Akers have all carried the ball for the Vikings.
So far, Kevin O’Connell and offensive coordinator Wes Phillips have publicly refused to take any “by committee” approach, relying heavily on Alexander Mattison, who recovers the ball after 72% of rush attempts.
Alexander Mattison – 82
Cam Akers – 11
Kirk Cousins ​​​- 10
Ty Chandler – 8
Brandon Powell – 2
How much has this stubbornness hurt them? Minnesota has not scored a rushing touchdown this year.
The fact that Kirk Cousins ​​(a decidedly immobile QB) has taken more rushing attempts than Ty Chandler stands out, especially since Chandler has shown promise.
It appears Akers still hasn’t earned O’Connell’s trust, which is concerning since KOC was Akers’ offensive coordinator during Akers’ two years in Los Angeles. Yes, he is probably still learning and adapting to the job, but he has been playing for a month (3 matches) in purple and gold.
It takes a little more familiarity (both in terms of professional relationship and style of play), especially with Akers leading a Rams season that will build momentum for a Super Bowl victory next year.
Akers didn’t play much on that Super Bowl team due to a torn Achilles, but was featured prominently on the Rams’ 2022 sans-O’Connell squad. Connell said after the transaction.
To date, Akers, in 11 carries, has amassed 63 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 first downs, and 5.7 yards per attempt. That should be enough to win a few more tries, especially given Mattison’s struggles.
Mattison, on 82 attempts, had 320 yards, 11 first downs and 3.9 yards per attempt. Mattison also had a fumble (in addition to some nasty drops and near misses), two touchdowns and 104 receiving yards on 18 receptions (28 targets).
Chandler has been sparing in his appearances, having three carries for 28 yards against the Chargers and one carry for 15 yards against Kansas City. He also hauled in four catches for 31 yards, his longest in Week 1 against Tampa Bay being 18 yards. He was clearly hot when his number was called.
Neither Chandler nor Akers is responsible for any revenue.
It should also say something that the Vikings’ first decent game on the field was against the Chargers. This was the first game in which Chandler clearly stood out, and next week it was Akers’ turn to have a solid performance in Carolina.
A losing season, fire sale or anything related to draft position won’t affect the running game in the long run… Minnesota has bigger fish to fry than worrying about a new quarterback while Justin Jefferson still doesn’t have Brinks trucked to his house. and a midfielder’s long-term future is uncertain.
New to Akers, this team needs to find a way to quickly deploy something in the run game to alleviate some of the stress of an overheated passing game… The Vikings have 235 pass attempts over (4th overall) to

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