Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of Deion Sanders, subtly makes fun of Oregonian Dan Lanning by saying, “Looks, sounds, walks like a Duck.”.

Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of Deion Sanders, subtly makes fun of Oregonian Dan Lanning by saying, “Looks, sounds, walks like a Duck.”.

Dan Lanning, head coach of the Oregon Ducks, was recently called out by Pilar Sanders in a social media post.
In week four of the ongoing college football season, Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes were defeated by Oregon.
And following a fresh revelation regarding what transpired that day, coach Sanders’ ex-wife made fun of Lanning.

There were many jabs traded between the two teams during the Oregon-Colorado game.
By implying that Coach Prime and his team were only interested in garnering clicks, Lanning had raised some hackles.
Even though that game has since ended, its effects are still felt.

As Keyshawn Johnson made an astounding claim regarding the matchup with Deion Sanders in week 4, Pilar Sanders took to social media to subtly mock Dan Lanning.

Pilar Sanders made a subtle jab at Oregon head coach Dan Lanning.

On Instagram, Pilar Sanders posted a video. In it, former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson alleged that coaches from other schools gave the Oregon Ducks insider knowledge that helped them defeat the Colorado Buffaloes.

Despite not naming anyone, Johnson claimed that the amount of information provided was unprecedented.

“I had a conversation with someone in the coaching community shortly after the game, and they knew a few coaches at Oregon.
“Man, I have never heard from an assistant coach about how much information was being given to that staff about game planning against Colorado so they can beat them,” Johnson said on “Undisputed.”.

The chance presented itself for Deion Sanders’ ex-wife to launch some subtly worded criticisms against the Oregon HC.

If something “walks like a duck,” “sounds like a duck,” and “looks like a duck…
“, wrote Pilar in her Instagram story.

Colorado’s season started with its first loss against Oregon.
Overall, it was a weekend full of activity with significant consequences for both teams.

Slide involving Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes.

Deion Sanders’ team has played three more games since falling to Oregon. And in all but one of those, they came out on the losing side.

The week following their lopsided loss to Dan Lanning’s team, the USC Trojans defeated them in week 5. And most recently, they were humiliated by the Stanford Cardinal in week 7.

Following a bye week, the Ducks won the game in week 6 as well.
However, in week 7, they were defeated by the Washington Huskies.
Therefore, the Ducks are at a comfortable 5-1 while the Buffaloes are currently 4-3.


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