NFL players are getting impatient with new regulations, according to Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin.

NFL players are getting impatient with new regulations, according to Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin.

Zaire Franklin of the Indianapolis Colts, a star linebacker, has expressed his disapproval of a new rule that the NFL is thinking of implementing.

It’s challenging to be a defender in modern football, particularly in the NFL.
An NFL defender’s job is almost impossible to do well due to a number of rules, on top of the fact that offensive players have the most intricate schemes ever and are the best players in the league.
Sadly, it looks like more regulations are in the works that will make things more difficult for defenders.

The NFL is reportedly thinking of enacting a rule that would outlaw hip-drop tackles, according to reports from a recent league meeting. The technique where a defender wraps his arms around the torso of a ball carrier and then lowers himself to the ground to bring the runner down is called a hip-drop tackle by the league. The move can result in numerous lower-body injuries; in fact, the league claims that it causes 25 times as many injuries as other types of tackles.

Thus, the goal would be to make the game safer, much like many of the rules put in place in today’s version.
Defenders find the game more difficult as a result of these regulations.
Zaire Franklin, the star linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, took to social media to voice his displeasure after it was revealed that the league was thinking of enforcing this rule.
Franklin feels very comfortable sharing his grievances on this platform. Franklin contended that football players are just doing their best to knock ball carriers to the ground and have no idea what a hip-drop tackle even is.
“Who’s fighting for the players?” he asked as he concluded his remarks.

Zaire Franklin is against the NFL potentially enforcing a hip drop tackle policy.

As the NFL leader in total tackles with 77, Franklin is a man of many talents.
It’s also quite reasonable for him to be annoyed.
Such a rule would place defenders in an extremely difficult situation. The tackle isn’t even malevolent in nature.
Yes, it might result in injuries, but that’s always the case when you put 22 people on a field together and tell them to run into each other at full speed.
Unfortunately, that’s how the game is.

The league shouldn’t turn to criminalizing routine tackles as a means of protecting its players.
Because of the numerous additional rules that make defenders slow down and overthink plays before they are attempted, they are already playing with their backs against the wall.
Another needless one doesn’t have to be included in the calculation.


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