Jerry Jeudy trade talks are put in doubt by a Colts insider.

Jerry Jeudy trade talks are put in doubt by a Colts insider.


The latest from Colts insider Stephen Holder: are the Indianapolis Colts trading for Jerry Jeudy.

Are trade talks for displeased wide receiver Jerry Jeudy between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts?

Perhaps it’s premature to claim that the Broncos and Colts are in “extensive” trade negotiations for Jerry Jeudy.

However, talks are happening, according to ESPN’s Colts beat writer Stephen Holder; they might just be a little one-sided.

Holder posted on Twitter, “Here is what I was told by several sources: The Broncos called the Colts, not the other way around.
I’ve been told that Denver has called a lot of teams. In fact, the Broncos have been debating trading him since last season.

“As for the Colts, I’d say there may be a tad of interest.
However, I’d be incredibly surprised if anything came of it.

Jeudy was the first wide receiver selected in the 2020 draft and a former first-round pick. While he has displayed flashes of potential, he hasn’t developed into a reliable threat and has been outclassed by classmates like Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Pittman.

He is owed a fully guaranteed $13 million in 2024 after the Broncos picked up Jeudy’s rookie contract’s fifth-year option.

At the end of the year, Pittman is expected to become a free agent.
The Colts have been urged by some media members to trade him before the deadline on Tuesday.

The Colts don’t really have a good reason to sign Jeudy to a fully guaranteed $13 million contract.
Even less is made by retaining Jeudy while dropping Pittman.

The majority of 2023 was spent by the Broncos scouting Jeudy.
There is no question about that fact.
But over the past week, there has been discussion regarding the Colts’ interest.

The NFL Trade Deadline is on Tuesday, October 31.
By then, we ought to know the answers.


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