Given that Anthony Richardson is out for the season, the Colts should focus on these three quarterbacks.

Given that Anthony Richardson is out for the season, the Colts should focus on these three quarterbacks.


Anthony Richardson, a rookie quarterback, won’t play for the Indianapolis Colts any longer this year.
The following three quarterbacks are potential additions for Indianapolis.

After losing their rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson to a shoulder injury, the Indianapolis Colts have found themselves in a difficult situation. Richardson was touted as the Colts’ heir apparent, but there are now concerns about his health, and he has already sustained a shoulder injury that has Colts supporters comparing him to Andrew Luck.

Richardson will have shoulder surgery and recover fully in time for the start of the following season, but for this one, Gardner Minshew will play for the foreseeable future.
Despite this, teams always need backups, so this team will now need to find a backup for its backup.
Sam Ehlinger, who has been a part of this organization for a while, is the backup right now, but Indy might now want to add another seasoned player or a player who has already gone through the organization.

Your journeyman type will probably emerge because these potential new backups will need to demonstrate their capacity to quickly pick up and learn a playbook.
Minshew won’t likely be replaced by a new quarterback right away, but in the event that something were to happen to him, they would need someone other than Ehlinger to take over. .

The last thing Indianapolis wants is to be in a situation where they have to scramble to find a quarterback; instead, they should look into some talent to get into the room.
What do they bring to the table, who should those guys be, and what options does this team have?

In Carson Wentz.

I know what you’re thinking—this has happened before, and it clearly did not end well—it was a complete disaster.
Shane Steichen is an old flame for the Colts, so why would they even consider trying him out again? This offense is completely different and suits a strong, mobile quarterback like Carson Wentz and what he can offer.
Although he lacks Richardson’s ability to execute his offensive style, he could make a good stand-in.

Even though Steichen and Wentz did not mesh as Philadelphia Eagles, they did fit well nonetheless, and having Wentz on hand in case of a crisis will give this team that much more security moving forward.
Wentz’s addition could present a problem because he would compete with Minshew rather than simply serve as a dependable backup, but at this point in his career, he needs to play the backup position.

The Colts would have an easy time making the transition to a new player if that player was familiar with the organization, had experience in this location, and felt at ease.
However, the idea of a Wentz revival in Indianapolis is not what is happening here. Wentz is a player who doesn’t get many opportunities, so even if they had a bad start, he would likely accept if given the chance to play for this team.

Although it’s debatable at this point in his career whether he could even compete with Ehlinger, he still has a high ceiling as a backup, so it might be worthwhile to make this move.


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