To “believe in the impossible,” Deion Sanders exhorts his team and supporters.

To “believe in the impossible,” Deion Sanders exhorts his team and supporters.


Coach Prime is urging all CU athletes and supporters to cast aside any reservations.

A football team has to constantly live up to expectations.
A season’s course can be completely changed by one unexpected win or one disastrous loss.

The 2023 Colorado Buffaloes are currently the subject of more scrutiny than any college football team in recent memory.
Television personalities and national columnists have gone to great lengths to disparage the head coach and players on this team.

The Buffs have received a groundswell of support throughout the process as well.
All available tickets have been sold out.
Sales of goods are through the roof.
The number of followers on school and team social media accounts has grown dramatically.
Detractors have increased, but supporters are still present in large numbers.

A loss like the one on Friday is amplified by the increased exposure.

Yes, it is bad to throw away a 29-0 lead.
That one is difficult to describe. On the same weekend that West Virginia and Houston both completed back-to-back Hail Mary passes, Idaho State rallied from a 27-point deficit in the final minutes of the third quarter.
The point is that unlikely things frequently happen in college football.
Crazy is the one and only constant. The sport’s allure is a result of the chaos.

Two victories would put this team in a bowl game.
Considering where they were a year ago, it would be a huge success.

This can only happen if the players think they can win every game left.

Stanford never gave up hope despite being down by more than four touchdowns.
Going through such a traumatic experience has its benefits, despite being painful. The biggest is that the game isn’t actually over until it is.
There is a possibility as long as there is faith.


Every one of the previous five games is very difficult. Do you think?


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