The Colts had a difficult day in Jacksonville, according to the team as a whole.

The Colts had a difficult day in Jacksonville, according to the team as a whole.

This Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts play the Cleveland Browns.

The big news this week for the Indianapolis Colts is that rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson will miss the entire season due to season-ending shoulder surgery.

This week on “Inside the Huddle,” Dave Calabro questioned defensive lineman DeForest Buckner about it.

Buckner said, “Yeah, I mean, it’s tough, you know what I mean?
Naturally, given the nature of the game, there is a 100% chance that you will sustain an injury at some point. Anthony was doing really well, so it’s just a bad situation overall.
We just want him to have a successful procedure and recover as quickly as possible, you understand what I mean?

Last Sunday’s Colts game in Jacksonville, which the Colts lost 37-20, saw quarterback Gardner Minshew start.

“Together, as a team, we had a challenging game, you understand?And Gardner had a challenging game, but knowing the type of competitor he is, he will draw lessons from it.
Every day, just like us, he goes out and competes his butt off,” said Buckner.

Defender Grover Stewart of the Colts will miss the next six games.
In response to Stewart’s use of performance-enhancing drugs, the NFL suspended him.
It was a bad situation, according to Buckner.

“I’m certain Grover would never purposefully put himself or our team in that compromising situation.
Grover has the support of all of us, and we’ll see to it that we keep the fort secure until he returns, said Buckner.

Sunday’s home game against Cleveland will be the Colts’ next game.
Later this week is probably when we’ll find out who the Browns’ starting quarterback will be.
Due to a shoulder injury, Deshaun Watson has missed the last two games.
P. J.
Last Sunday, Walker commanded the Browns to a 19-17 triumph over previously unbeaten San Francisco.

We must plan and exercise control over the factors within our control, said Buckner.
“We need to stop the run because, as you know, their running strategy has been working pretty well so far.

We’ll feature the Riley Kid of the Week on Inside the Huddle every Wednesday.

We have Lucy here today.
Her home town is Carmel.
She’s doing well after four surgeries, and I’ll see you at the coin toss, said Buckner.


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